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He tells me around the thinks he's polite. It's weird but he says he's gonna find someone else to give them a ride and he does because literally just minutes before burning. I started recording. This another woman has come forward. Norma jean jelavic claims that she picked up. Brian at the dam at the jackson dam and dropped him off at the gate of spread creek camping area right around like six thirty or so right so twenty minutes or so after maranda baker and her boyfriend boyfriend dropped him off. He dropped him off around like they said about six ten or so six. Oh nine ten about twenty minutes later. He hitchhiked with norman jean gel avec and had her take him all the way to the front gate of spread creek camping area. It's so interesting too. Because she was saying. Oh i'll get your closer because again. It's it's dispersed camping area. There's not campsite. So it's kind of this weird free for all type situation. And so she was trying to be nice like obviously. I'll drive you to your split wherever you are Adamantly said no. Leave me here. I need our walk in. He did not want anyone to get close to where this band was. No and he even said. My fiancee is in the van. She's been working on youtube. You know i'm going to impress her. That i hiked all the way back myself as what he told her love. The one thing. That's kind of Interesting about her whole story to and this is just like it has not huge bearing on the case but she said she had to take this really sharp right turn out of nowhere and she had just been to a church and gone to a service and her bible was on the dash. Enduring this right turn. The bible falls lands in brian's lap. And i just have to wonder.

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