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Slash twit. Andy nocco time for a pick of the week. My pick of the week is a movie this week that I found on Hulu documentary, an absolutely loved loved so much bought the Blu Ray. As soon as soon as the movie was over, it's called strat style and the I don't want. I won't give things away. I will only give you here. Here's the pitch for the movie. You have this. This guy who lives in rural Ohio. I mean, rural the capital ro, and he gets to know an international concert violinist sort of on Facebook saying, though I make cars and I make violins, and I could make violin for you and the international concert violinist says in response kind of half jokingly. Oh, make me violin. Well, how about the about the cannon ill Kenana this legendary violin with an amazing loud sound. The peg Anini used to play and he said, sure, I can make you a copy of that here. No problem. And he doesn't have a workshop. He has doing stuff like on his sofa. Using tools and class from Harper freight, and you don't really know if he's just BS artist or whether he's kind of like a genius sort of person who's does a talented like instrument maker who doesn't need a fancy shop, and this is a mystery that I don't want to sort of reveal or reveal how things happen. But it's an amazing story not only about the making of attempt to make this violin and he'll make it as promised for this concert that this guy is going to be performing, but also of a creative person and the sort of life. He leads very, very interesting. It's not exploitative it really. It gets into the soul of of an individual no matter what he's doing, and I loved it so much that I was. So I was so grateful to a found it. And then again, it was worth me immediately finding out. I could get a copy of the blue and then buying it. This looks anything. I love. Documentaries strat high recommend style, hot doc. All right. Thank you for the pick Laurie Gill. What do you got for us today? So my pick is old and new all at the same time. It's a Lieber tones zip which is a wireless bluetooth speaker. They just recently updated to support airplay too. So I don't mean a new speaker that's coming soon because they do have the zip two that's coming soon. I mean the current zip, the one that anybody who bought as it has in their house with an update. It's now supports airplay too, and I'm all in on this airplane support with speakers. I have to home pods, Sonos beam. Now I can add to my collection of music that plays all over the place. It's a really good quality portable speaker q. Q. It's cute. Yeah, and it's probably the best quality in terms of the fact that it's intended to be portable. So it's it's intended to be used outside and take him with you to park and picnics and things like that. So it's got a really, really great sound and airplay to compatible compatibility to me like a really great thing that I look forward to more and more speaker is being able to have a lot of companies have pledged support and still not come through. So Lieber tone is the next in line of companies who've pledged support for planets finally available now. So if anybody already has zip in their house and they didn't know it just make sure that you update the app in the apple update the speaker, and the speaker will be airplay to compatible. And if you don't, you can actually buy the zip to..

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