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A free throw yet today first one is no good or maniema checking in for davies and mitch larsen will also check back onto the eagle's magic on the earth sixty three percent free throw shooter second free throw is up in good for blake was wanted to on that trip back to a twelve point game mitch lars on the left wing those are on a parker set screen screeners right something the absent wing finds the name or download innocent back sin against manage check in his crowd two free throws coming up for shane anderson just uses size that that's one thing i think shane could do a little bit more upbeat jake paper for this team astrategically for great again that ball downloads usually inside shames a big guys also strong very strong player whose be a little bit more aggressive some demining showed it right there and get to the free throw line not the best free throw shooter but he can make some of those shots to get some and one opportunity that's big bonus for this office says first attempt from the free throw line tonight in the first one is no good second one is good for shingles one or two foul was the second i met a check is forty or 27 escorting her side darwin back onto the dow dallas stops near san again the darwin doran finds but look at the free throw line backed the dow all dow about spasm the corner for edward vasquez vasquez down low nothing there bigs back out and said near half court darwin guarded all the way out there by larsen extended defense for davies darwin in the corner for dowell nicole aged immediately on him ask the free throw i find will look between two defenders work at time by the huskies be impatient they can offense that they were doing early on in the game was working so well being patient spreading the defense out in finding the open spots at them and get two points from a nut nearsighted screen numerous for three no good davies empty on that possession rebound rabbi mad at jack excellent madonna we'll give it up for dow across half court.

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