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A raucous crowd of supporters in Orlando. President Trump his intention to run for re election in twenty twenty president saying the administration has been able to succeed despite pushback from forces supposedly working against him as he took a shot at former vice president, Joe Biden, remember the statement from the previous administration, you'd need a magic wand to bring back manufacturer. Well, we'll tell sleepy Joe that we found the magic. Blonde. The sleepy guy number of recent polls show, President Trump trailing a number of the pop of the many of the Democrats like Biden in head to head matchups. Senator Bernie Sanders is responding to the launch of the president's reelection campaign in a livestream video following Trump's rally in Orlando. The Vermont independent blasted Trump for being a liar racist or religious bigot. Zena Phob, homophobic, sexist Sanders, stressed that Trump is totally out of touch with reality must be defeated in the twenty twenty presidential election. So the country can become United again. Well, the calendar says today is the final day of the state legislative session. And a lot of shoes still up in the air Wall Street Journal reporter, Jimmy veal kind tells W G Y news Bill to legalize recreational marijuana getting harder and harder to do caulk among lobbyists. Democrat from Manhattan that the marijuana Bill would be amended yet again. We haven't yet seen. Diversionary is sitting on the table does not yet have enough votes in the Senate. Meanwhile, a Bill to legalize mobile sports betting appears to be dead. It was approved by the Senate on Monday but is not scheduled to come up for a vote in the assembly. A measure that has three way agreement between the governor and legislative leaders would essentially move the say the Connie away from fossil fuels mandate that energy providers more than doubled. Their use of renewable energy sources by the year, twenty thirty a Schenectady woman will spend the next fifteen years in prison for killing her three month old, son heaven, Polaski, agreed will plea deal that saw her plead guilty to manslaughter charges in April prosecutor Christine tramonte Pelham says one of her main goals was to see Polaski behind bars until she's well past childbearing age. She says, killing brain Polanski was bad enough. But the way that his body was treated after never having a proper burial to this point. His remains left in the summer heat to as I said, sort of melts away. Bobby of her son was found stuffed in a plastic bag behind an apartment building on State Street last August remains have been held as evidence ever since. But now Polanski's at least Dutcher says she can move ahead with funeral arrangements new development in the investigation into last October's deadly limo crash scarring, judge rules. Prosecutors can take a saliva sample from prestige. Limo operator nominee Hussein SCO, Harry county, DA request of the sample. So investigators can compare Hussein's DNA material found on crumpled state DOT sticker. Prosecutors want to sample to help determine if Hussein removed a sticker from the limousine, that supposedly showed in wasn't supposed to be on the road Hussein has less than ten days to turn over the sample. Mike, Patrick NewsRadio eight ten three one. WG Y second times, the charm for school budgets in Johnstown. Lansing Berg voters in both districts were unable to muster a sixty percent supermajority last month, but revised spending packages easily passed on Tuesday, WG y morning news time is five oh..

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