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So then you could say, then spun out of the sky. In this case, it absolutely did. It was spun out or Vester. Um, tumbled for all of that distance all of those years and then crashed into the earth and we were able to not just figure out what object it came from, but actually wherein the object because it's the minerals that material that this little meteorite is made off. Also signs of coming from beneath the surface off this dwarf planet, the second largest asteroid in the solar system Investor you're talking into the second largest brain in the solar system. Allan Duffy, director, the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne University. Well in a few people texted in to say he means spinoff spinoff maybe spin off, not spin out over the years, but I know I probably do. I think I'm being corrected by your vastly more insight. Well, now we know who the most intelligent biggest brain is. It's one of your listeners. I call them listening media. They're my source of all knowledge. Just finally, mud of the many wonderful hats that you wear out and instead of podcaster Yes, indeed I I've just had a new podcast, Audible looking audibles. Sorry, astronomical Looking for life Beyond Earth. This song we speak to experts from around the world on the hunt. For 80 in life, and this includes new NASA billion dollar telescopes to Russian funded searches for for signals from Nearby stars and then even speaking to scientists who are genuinely investigating. UFO's and nudie declassified defense videos from the US off very weird things. So it was. It was quite a journey, and I think at the end of it, I came away basically confident that if the aliens are out there, we'll find them in this decade or the next. It just get cold actually record that If the aliens that they were going to find them the next decade. Is that what laser eyes W. Saying I would feel pretty confident We'll get a sign in the next and then within the next 10 years, based on everything I've heard, And this this thing this audible podcast economical. I'm pretty confident. Damn straight. Someone's finally texted undersize spun out. It's about drugs, not space. So take your predictions with that great of salt. I have fat beetles spitting out about arrives. It's Alan Duffy, you thank you, buddy. Chancing. Thanks so much around me and the doctor that director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne University and possessor of laser eyes that shoot things out of the skies to keep us safe coming up after the news Headlines. Net plan test start today. Big day, the great threes and many others, but some students, it's also a big clash year. 11 student Harley has stepped up to be their voice is here to make her case with us after news Stiff Feria face stiff. Thanks, Sammy, The federal treasurer will hands down a big spending budget. Tonight. I aimed at driving Australia's economic recovery from the pandemic and including billions of dollars to overhaul the nation's aged care sector. Has been international condemnation over the escalating violence in Israel, which saw at least 20 people, including nine Children killed in air strikes in the northern Gaza Strip. Open eyes And parents who are opposed to the Net plan exam will be allowed to withdraw their kids from today's national literacy and numeracy tests, which up to a million students are expected to see it. Moments, whether a morning shower or two and to top off 15 degrees. I'll have more news at seven o'clock Virginia tree, Ali. Do we describe that There is a high level of aggression from the parent body towards schools they.

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