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Jim k four dot com. You vill drive in Orleans. I know you have no interest in the National Football League draft as you said in a previous episode and that went down on Thursday. And we haven't had a chance to talk about it. And I'm guessing this part of you. That's glad of that. But one of the angles is the first overall draft pick is collar Murray who is in Oklahoma. And he was drafted by the Zona cardinals number one overall. And he kinda follows on from Baker Mayfield. He was the first overall pick last year, and he's also from Oklahoma. So cardinal fans are hoping that he'll have a column ary will have the same kind of impacted Baker Mayfield. Did last year for Cleveland? But the the component of collar Murray that everybody's curious about is that he is as small as he is. They're all kinds of football fans who absolutely doubt, whether he'll truly be a lead in the NFL like he's asked legs. They come. But he's only five foot ten and you've you've seen guys. Like Russell Wilson. You've seen guys like drew Brees, Doug Flutie. But boy, the the list of successful five foot ten or under quarterbacks gets short. Forgive the pun in a big old. Hurry. Do you think the five foot ten quarterback in succeed in the NFL? Listen, I if you're if you're a kid coming into the draft as a quarterback any other year, right? I b I b champing at the bit here to get in there. I'm going to be a QB the guy who's may be changed all that who's gonna make it very tough on on quarterbacks being drafted coming into the NFL the kid who single handedly changed because you better bring your game is the. Kid from Kansas City type homes. Exactly the guy was member. He's doing no look passes. His he set records is completion record was incredible. The guy was a beauty to watch absolute beauty to watch. I tuned in only when those games are on when I can watch them Kansas City. So this kid now if you wanna be a quarterback, and you're gonna look at this kid, you better have some fucking game here because that guy's changed the whole role of the quarterback. Well that one play he made I think it was against Denver. And I think he was being chased by von Miller of the Denver Broncos. So he's basically rolling out to his left if you can picture that trying to escape von Miller is try to chase him down. And if he takes the ball and tries to throw it with his right hand, he knows von Miller is going to get that thing. So he transfers the ball to his left hand. Right. And throws it awkwardly right on the money to avoid von Miller and completes the past like. It was one of the best plays of the entire NFL year. You talk about taking a chance for a young quarterback. I mean that can that can backfire right? Fumble the ball or just throw it ends up into the ground and a coach is going to be going bananas. But the kid the kid pulled off so much stuff so much stuff. I think it's the back to what I was saying. I think it's changed for these new quarterbacks who are going to come into the league. I don't know how big the guy was all size isn't really an issue for Pat Mahomes. There's no question about that. But I'm not drafting a short guy coming onto college. Steve. It's a totally different deal. I'm not taking that chance. Joe thighs men. Remember him? He was you'll Washington Redskins quarterback. And he he's of the same opinion. Like he played the position. And it's not a it's not a size issue as far as how resilient. He'll be whether or not the guy might get injured all the time. It's exactly that. You've got a bunch of guys who are six foot nine on your offense of. Line. There's a bunch more on the other side of the ball. And you got to somehow see-through all of these trees at five ten he feels like. And that's the other angle the story is that he probably should have gone baseball. Because he was the fresh person in the history of sports to be drafted in the first round of both major league baseball and the National Football League. The Oakland A's drafted him hoping he'd choose baseball. He chose the NFL instead, and Joe seismic when thinks that's a mistake. I don't I don't because you know, given given the fact that guy had the option. I don't I don't think he'd be able to do it in reverse. I don't think he'd be able to go to the baseball team. I and if your career goes for shit, it's going to be really tough to get back into football. But you could do the reverse Steve I think the kid was smart look at I'll give the NFL worl-. And if that doesn't work, Steve they'll be baseball teams lining up to to bring this guy. You got way more choices when it comes time to joining a baseball team because they got, you know, nine levels deep of teams. So I think it was a smart way to do it. I think totally it was a smart way to do it and talk about athleticism. I mean, pro sports is history has been littered with all kinds of guys who've been dual sports stars Dion Sanders. Probably the biggest name because he played in both a World Series and Super Bowl. Bo jackson. John elway. But here's the first guy ever collar Maury who's drafted in the first round in both the major league baseball and the NFL draft. That's something special. Joe thighs me is. Clearly wrong, and I'll take him on all football talk. Just don't break his leg. He's had enough. He's. Okay. That's good at places any shut it down for today. Jim any final thoughts. Come on. Sweetheart got my first interview for cleaning lady. I'm sure there's a long line. Oh, you know what she's a little? You know what? I'm busy. I'm busy. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. Little beefy, Steve not happening. Well, that's a fence of hang on. She's in my house right now. And she's puking on the floor say, oh, yeah. Sure. How tough yard Jim. 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We've you know, there's tons of fans I've had tons of people since I left in twenty twelve I got one Email got a bunch sitting. You gotta get back together with get back together. Beautiful beautiful tough on the ego. But it was very good. But Steve in my time in radio. There was a long list of people longlist the people that were pissed. Who hated me hated me. We may need security, Steve if these people start to show up I've been out of town for a while. Oh, well, but that'll make for an exciting show. I got a I got a buddy who weightlift Saberi we needed security. All right. We'll we'll talk to you again in what twenty four to four. Whipping okay, gotta go. Gotta interview cleaning with Jimmy. See you later faces magazine is Ottawa sports lifestyle and entertainment magazine offered for free across eastern Ontario faces is proud to be one hundred percent Ottawa owned and operated since twenty ten some awesome. Ottawa Senator features as well Brady. Check was an example on a recent cover. Thomas shebab will be the cover story next month faces MAG dot CA to check out everything you need to know. And life's busy in the folks Jim K Ford get that days go by so fast and Jim K for trying to help out with the new ad home. Test drive the bring the test drive right to you home or work, whatever's best for you book, your at home test dry, but dead the book your at home test drive today at Jim k four dot com. You've drive in Orleans. Football fans. Welcome to the wildest radio. Transmission of the nineteen thirty-three NFL championship gain here. Rarely field bringing you the New York football giants. I'm Chicago Bears to this game. Rough you by Allen's cocaine tablets when you need cocaine relief from south wrote headache on nervousness, don't trust any cocaine tablet reads, Allen's cocaine tablets, take it for me swell. Today's game should be a hot seat topsy. I'm they are two teams in the league. Neither getting much resistance from the clubs like the Boston. Red skins are stout. Strong team whose nickname I guarantee will last forever now ask old hobby has been the eggs and copy this year. I will. And so one time the plenty rugged Bronco Magus ski the NFL is rarely seen like that with Nagorski tipping the Toledo at an incredible two hundred ten pounds cover Davies Schreiber's down at field level right now. How about with Bronco Guskey new state of the art reel to reel tape deck. We'll shoot the breeze embargo. When broadcast continues.

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