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Pop trip hop setting the mood with as few ingredients as possible she made a pretty big splash in the indie underground with her debut album. Twenty sixteen gymnastics followed it up a year later with it's a myth. Now, we are getting from evil Chan aka sneaks album number three highway hypnosis. We're gonna play a track. And then we're going to give our opinions. This is called little close from near the end of the album by sneaks on sound opinions. Gone sweet. God is. Better. That is little close from highway hypnosis than you record from sneaks third album Jim by more than double longer than her debut album, which was all of fourteen minutes. This is extravagant twenty nine minutes. This is triple album, Eva. This is the equivalent of tales from graphic oceans buy. Yes. Yes. She she has sort of broadened her horizons musically. She's working with a couple of producers. This rap producer Tony seltzer. In this. Phil named Carlos Hernandez is playing around in the indie rock scene in New York. But still that Avangard sensibility combined with sort of a punk ethos. These little oddball songs that are sung that are some are wrapped there's hooks. They're built on repetition minimalism as you as you mentioned. But I like the variety of the rhythmic feels that she brings to this. You know, there's sort of a reggae feel on on one track. There's all these kind of like weird noisemakers that are providing rhythmic arrhythmic bed. There's even a song here that draws off Chicago footwork. I'm thinking about Hong Kong to Amsterdam. Yeah. And. She's working variety of context before he can even start to hate us on it's going to go. I mean, it's got it's onto the next one. So. She. In some ways kind of almost cracks three minutes one sewn. I do admire the fact when she starts stretch on says, you know, because there are there are some good songs here in terms of, you know, more more traditional sense, and I would love to see more of her stretching out in that way. Not all of it works. There's a couple of songs in there that song ecstasy with that sort of nursery rhyme, kind of melody and rhyme pattern doesn't doesn't do much for me. But I I would say overall the variety of the record really appeals to me. And the fact that she's taking Avangard music and working in into pop context. A really interesting idea. I still don't think we've heard the best down we're ever going to get from this young artists. But you know, this is a good progression. For her. See I was really disappointed and I was like a sneaks superfan. I I really love the first two records, and I feel she's lost her path on this one. It seems absurd to say of an album where many of the songs are forget about three minutes. Barely two minutes that this. Bloated. It does seems repetitive to me, Greg. I can listen on endless loop to gymnastics, and it's a myth. I liked put them both together on a playlist. Right. This one I think she lost the plot a little bit. I'm eager to see where she goes next. You know, if you look at a career that I think similar Laurie Anderson, right, right? Big science really stands out and nothing Laurie did ever sounded like that. Again, some of what she did when interesting places some didn't. Right. But she kept moving. I think even might might be stuck in a rush, which you know, with all of like one hour of recording music over three albums. I'm looking forward to the next. No way. I'm not gonna listen to whatever she gives us next. This one though is like number three after the other to like, I said, Jim I see real growth here. I can understand your your reservations you are much bigger. Those early reverence than I was and this one I feel is like her. One yet. So. Finally. And and you and I both I wasn't really sure what you or I would make this mold record, which is a change in direction. But we both came down on the side of liking it. Now, we want to hear from you, the listeners, what's your opinion on a new solo record from Bob mould? How about the new one from snakes, which we also just reviewed? Call eight eight eight five nine eighteen hundred.

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