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Thirty to the president will be on Capitol Hill tonight as it gives his delayed state of the union address on and white. House adviser Kellyanne Conway says it will include a message that politics as usual has to president is going to call for an end to the politics resistance, retribution and call for more comedy CO MIT, y there is no word on whether Trump will use the platform to declare a national emergency to go around congress to fund his border wall. Democrats are countering with their response from former Georgia politicians Stacey Abrams. A minority leader in the Georgia house representatives, and then really made a name for herself in that role since then working really publicly to fight voter suppression to get minorities out to vote working on income inequality in wage, inequality, and and issues a tough systematic inequality in the south, so she's the kind of person and talking about the kinds of issues that Democrats want to highlight this year. ABC's maryalice parks reporting from DC that speech will weigh heavily on the minds of Colorado's KOA NewsRadio. Joining us live with. I guess what we want to hear from our state in our perspective. Yeah. Largely people are most interested in hearing how the president plans to address a potential looming government shutdown again Thomas says that is priority number one for him. And he he's looking for an explanation is president is going to do detours Colorado one thirty one. Now, I will say that it's fair to point out. There is a fair amount of disinterest a lot of people, particularly in a younger demographic. I'm speaking to this morning say they're not gonna listen at all reporting live in Denver, Connor, schrief KOA NewsRadio. Thank you Connor tonight at seven here live coverage of the state of the union address and democratic response, then at nine instant reaction and your calls with Michael Brown right here. Only on KOA NewsRadio as your John. Sharon traffic. There's a major problem if you're traveling out west today, I seventy shutdown in Glenwood canyon for a rockslide. That's Ted hill says the detour is a lengthy one your detours, Colorado, one thirty one it definitely is going to take you out of your way supplant plenty of time to get to where you're headed today, and that will take you up through Craig and Steamboat Springs, so far there's no word on when the interstate will reopen hills wore hill warns that the closure could be a lengthy one. How about this story? This trail runner is healing after a very close encounter with a mountain lion at horse tooth mountain park. Colorado parks and wildlife spokeswoman Rebecca Farrell attacked by a wild cat. On the trails at Westridge trail on horseshoes mountain open face. The victim did survive the attack and is currently undergoing medical treatment at a local hospital. He suffered scratches and puncture wounds to his face legs arms. And back officials say the lem outline did not survive the attack, but it's unclear how he died officials say listen to this. The man did not have a weapon with him. Sheriff's investigators in arapahoe county say they need the public's help in solving the ambush murder of a disabled man last month. Mark Davis shot several times outside his apartment on Fremont avenue. Davis was disabled and walk with a cane he had severe arthritis in his back and neck arapahoe county sheriff's investigator cow. Gotcha says it appeared to be an ambush and it happened shortly after seven in the morning, many might have seen some I'm hoping someone that was driving by or getting ready for work and looking out the window saw something someone suspicious something that's stood out as of now they've exhausted all their leads and need the public's help to develop new ones. Jerry. Bell KOA NewsRadio and a political battle catching the eye of late night. TV the daily show host Trevor Noah weighing on in the racist photo, Virginia governor Ralph north old yearbook. He says there's only one way he would be acceptable. You don't have a real shame is is that if these weren't costumes, and it was a black guy and a clan member having a drink together. This would be a huge step forward racial harmony week did it folks, but because it was costumes. It's extremely offensive calls have been growing for the Democrats to resign or the democrat resigned since that photo from his nineteen eighties yearbook surfaced St. providing a listener of your news. Colorado's morning news KOA NewsRadio your carpets of the largest filter in your house. And if they are dirty it creates a breeding ground for nasty things like mites and bacteria call- Zerorez to come out and remove all that gun. Do it this month, you'll get three rooms cleaned for just ninety nine bucks. Call three zero three four seven one fifty one fifty..

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