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And those businesses of course became quite significant you still have big chunks of those businesses rank thrill and and so in particular espn even though it's it's has declined towards both revenue and profit throws often enormous amount of money you guys get to keep twenty percent of those profits which are significant um how much how much is that investment alone sort of give you cover to worry less about the economics of the business corner quarter earier well the company again because of our private status his constantly taken the cash flow in investing abroad range of businesses in so one of the big uh aries we've been investing in at the parent company level has been in companies that are business information and data companies and we've invested a great deal in health care we on eighty percent of fitch ratings a a year ago we purchased a company called camps systems that monitors the health and wellbeing of ivory or found we unsexy businesses that have incredibly reliable cash flows he now become very sticky and terms of their their uh their customers high switching cost and in a frank is really a genius of diversification um uh you know he in some ways he's a he's a private man but what he built at first in that understanding he had crossed magazines newspapers business information um you know our venture business and so on is quite remarkable in that gives us a very unique position in a change in media world ice talk to you uh a lot about what was going to happen to the tablet magazine an ipad launches in two thousand ten for bunch of reasons there's a lot of initial interest and with a magazine fitness this country with the ipad um and you and all your competitors spending a mantra time and money trying to figure out how to build digital versions of your magazines um and i have you on stage and you'd say were room hit this projection obviously that that didn't work out what what did the experience of trying to build ipad and other tablet maga's.

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