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From the steps of the one da go catholic church residents in the small west in the small town west of bastrop they held a press conference yesterday with while they've lost faith in the sheriff they want sheriff maurice cook to change the way he enforces traffic laws is any clark with the best interfaith we know that underestimate bore he cannot instruct the deputies not to al about status but we are asking that they not do that and not stop people for minor traffic violations don't stop people for minor traffic violations speeding now let's let's keep in mind the sheriff's deputies conducted a special operation because the community said they wanted to crack down on speeders yeah right so the sheriff did he cracked down on speeders and in the process of stopping speeders volley uncovered several people who were he does not ask immigration status on the side of the road they figure out that they are here illegally right at the jail when i skip volved is upset how the backdrop deputies conducted this recent traffic safety initiative may match they had asked the sheriff to do something about the speeders in the neighborhood and the sheriff spoke with ktbs's rudy kaczynski but our target is not to to target illegal immigrants but i'm not gonna apologize for arresting people that turn out to the illegal immigrants now they feel a little misled because this traffic initiative that they requested came shortly after they had a meeting with the sheriff where they urged him to try to find a way to sidestep this immigration question sure to meet with leaders about banner bay to develop a strategy to heal the communities broken competent the sheriff claims questions about immigration status are resolved in the county jail and not during a traffic now during that that undercover not undercover but that special operation they made sixty three stops of speeders sixty three people were speeding twenty four were arrested of the sixty three thirteen of those drivers were identified as undocument charges that the thirteen include the reason they were taken to jail is because they won four of them had an invalid license correct meaning fake invalid just not real yeah six of them didn't have a license at all right never had a license three of them had warrants for dwi there you go so when they got to jail and i said okay well who are you oh you have a fake id you don't have an idea you have no idea who are you yes and then they learned that they are here illegally now now this group is asking the sheriff to not enforce the laws jeez folks clearly are really interested in the details of how these folks were originally taken in they're not interested in that all they see is oh you're targeting illegals clearly this was just a staying against illegal she were target is not.

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