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Apple, Seven Weeks, Four Hours discussed on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast


Beautiful. I'm telling you were all nervous. I was so anxious for weeks now. Now i've been anxious about this thing in it happened in every couple on the bus home at night was crying match racing. Did you just one of the ceremonies no all night a your fish. She didn't nine ceremonies. It was one massive ceremony so the couple apple sit up on stage. The each individual vows walk down the aisle and then off nine couple stood up on stage and i went through the whole thing with all nine of them. That's that's a really cool if you're into something that's a little bit like different. You know if if you don't if you never imagined yourself having a traditional wedding like you said some of these people were going to elope. Some of these people didn't want to plan. That makes a lot of sense for you but you know it would be. I would you know it would be. It's unconventional. It is ah unconventional. It has to be the right person but i'm telling you if you are the right couple. It worked really well but i just wanted to say congratulations dining out events that was it was just a massive beautiful ceremony and the wedding planners new troy from your wedding. There are good friends with them so that was cool anyways. Hey if you're you're out there listening to this and you think this is weird or you think it's cool. Check out the wedding party on instagram all the videos from this weekend. We're on it. We'll do it again in a city near you. I think really soon okay. Hey that's enough about me ashley. We'll talk about you at the end of the podcast. Let's jump in to this week's episode code of bachelor in paradise ashley. There's so much going on some so much talk about. I feel like we're at a place where every love story is kinda culminating mandating and now it's the make or break week in paradise if that decision making week because we have two more weeks left which is i think two more weeks aches and my wrong which is in a paradise ever though that seven weeks and it was four hours a week or actually after watching this week's episodes i think i think there's only one way to really break these down fairly.

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