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Roadwork there, and we've got construction just set up in the New York State Thruway. North bound between 14 and 14. B. The left lane There is closed, and that's until two Journal Square in Hoboken. Launch of 33rd Street on the path is still delayed Response by Burlington. Have you been back to Burlington? Lightly? Your store's restocked with unbelievable deals on amazing brands You love hurrying today, Amazing values are arriving every single day whether it's back to school worker just back. You'll love Burlington Burlington. Love the deals. I'm Karen Stewart on 10 10 wins. What will happen tonight? That's the big question facing authorities in cities across the country after protesters took to the streets last night, the demonstrations here in New York and elsewhere. Were in response to a Kentucky grand jury, refusing to indict any police officers for the killing of Rianna Taylor in her own home as they served a no knock warrant. The demonstration in Louisville turned violent. Much of the downtown area here remains a blocked by police of the reaction to the grand jury decision was almost immediate crowds taking to the streets overnight clashes with police officers. At least two officers shot their injuries believed to be non life threatening protesters also setting multiple small fires and smashing a bus stop in the downtown area Officers arresting almost 100 people. That's correspondent Alex Perez. Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir is worried that things could get worse, noting the presence of armed white militia groups in the streets of little them being in this situation. With the ability to cause chaos if they choose to potentially turned something peaceful and something that that is not is incredibly Dangerous. They need to go home. I need to go home this year, says it would also be helpful if everyone could see what the grand jury was presented so they could better understand how that panel reached its conclusion. Questions have been raised about whether they were shown all of the evidence. One man pushed another onto the subway tracks of the Columbus Circle Station this morning, But they say the 25 year old victim was standing on the platform when he was shoved unprovoked. And apparently at random. Another person helped him up. He was taken to the hospital and complained of leg and rib pain. The man who pushed him took off. Monday was the first day of in person instruction in New York City schools. The Department of Education says at least one Corona virus case had been reported in more than 100 school buildings and early childhood centers by Monday. Nearly all the buildings remained open. Those six were closed temporarily. Cases included some students, but the majority were among staff members. The four schools reopened. The infected individuals had the quarantine for two weeks. Officials say cases were reported at 11 additional schools and to community based pre kindergartens on Tuesday. A painting by Italian Renaissance Master BOTTICELLI hits the auction block in New York correspondent Elaine Cobb says it could fetch on $100 Million. A rare portrait is of an unknown young man dressed in a simple tunic. But Christopher Apostle, director of Old Masters paintings at Sotheby's auction house in New York, says there's a lot of excitement about it. He believes it could go forest, much as $100 million really reflect the quality condition, the enormous rarity and the huge impact that a painting like this has visually. Apostle says he's not worried the Corona virus pandemic might scare buyers away..

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