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Us here. 8 11. After considering applicants from black owned businesses across the region, shulman Rogers selected IT company wave welcome to receive a year of legal services as part of the law firm's efforts to support local small businesses. Here's wave welcome founder and CEO Bernard Wright, on being chosen for this program for 2023. Most small business owners and I'm certainly no exception are wearing probably a dozen hats. So we're doing HR, we're doing contracts, finance, administration. Man, I do have experience in a lot of those areas. But legal is something I don't have a lot of experience in. So I knew that that was a gap for me. I've known about showman Rogers for quite a while now. I saw this opportunity, being a great way for me to be able to potentially move that relationship forward. So I'm just thrilled to be the company that was selected to go through this program. Learn more about showman Rogers practice areas and attorneys at showman Rogers dot com. It's now 8 12. Here's Mario orsini, director of security with Raytheon intelligence and space. When our nation needs the best in cybersecurity, they look to Raytheon intelligence in space. We are currently hiring in Maryland for candidates with the TSS CI with polygraph. We are looking for software engineers, C and O developers, and vulnerability researchers. Sign on bonuses up to $50,000 or available. Join us and make a difference. Apply today at RTX dot com slash cyber careers. Need to make more money on a franchise and control your future. Come to the franchise show. This Saturday and Sunday at the dulles expo center to meet with North America's hottest franchises. Get valuable advice at free seminars and learn how you can open a successful business. This life-changing event is your only chance to see all your best money making opportunities in one place. Find the perfect business for you. At the franchise show. This weekend, dulles expo center, get tickets at Washington franchise show dot com.

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