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Above poolside think are very worthwhile reads in other words she's a amazing person really hard worker i don't think she gets enough recognition in i wanna make sure we recognize her today we all love jb delayed she put some really great blog post and stuff to a guy i've learned a lot from her over the years kinshasa was on the show on just one of the most show is on the show own episode to twenty two did you know that my heart adieu look it up and take it up i voted l because i think there was an episode were you called out and absurd number somebody was on without looking at up and i was shocked i'm showers shocks to vote once it's like we two episodes ago may be i forget like i know it was just a few episodes ago who how 'bout you johnny for myself of been using this so devoting he bugging aide whole q are they also court from our komo arm project at originally from on on the pipeline community but um um i'm see why oh sorry on your sorry henman get hub how can puzzling um but he he's i think he reported that over of curious basically if better um formed primetass basically are other than that i don't use a debater leica you know if you're familiar with delvoie like that i'm not not a big fan of the voters are a more of the old school you know printed out log it out in in your house you i am in the programme coming in from me um using q has sort of been a better experience for that so typically the way it works is that you'd have you'd have a missio terminal on console pin and you just run qq in that what that does is a stream that starts to a output time in a really nice formatted away.

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