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The report masahiro tanaka injured hamstrings strings are gone it's kind of funny i like that he didn't even attempt to slide at the play at the plate and yeah i a chance because you were a little league player one day it's like riding a bike all right do i think i think your instincts would take over i really do think you would learn and we're not learn you will remember how to slide i do i'm not even a yankee fan jerry and i was angry at the tanaka injury i here again delineate services i just don't like the idea like these guys are their fragile fragile by so fred that i can't ask eighteen thirty five these guys could hate page they'd play right field they go a marathon for ya under fifty four game now it's so specialized stupid like where the hell is you win his cesspit a saturday night we're watching the game and my son goes this i'm mike what he goes says has had a setback i'm like with what his quasi come on is your quad and your hamstring similar well it's the opposite side of their side but his hip flexor all hip flexor told me at the softball game us because what i have now you have this it's where the quad meets the hip.

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