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Action so if people want the i guess you do mention it in the book i i hadn't remembered seeing it in there but i'm seeing it now you actually do kind of have instructions for how to do you know a quasi akigal exercise properly so it is in their the real i just saw on all additional ring okay perfect perfect and i'll put those links by the way for everybody listening over at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash barefoot ben that's been greenfield fitness dot com slash barefoot ben and like emily mentioned this nabisco so matt which i became aware of after after reading her book is also something that she developed as a way to stimulate the foot and the hand procure sceptres so i'll put a link to that technology as well actually have her insoles and i have this matt is is even something you could take to a yoga class if you wanted to use that as your matt and yoga rather than a standard yoga mat and i like it little stinky got clean it off once a week because i sweat on it so much because it just sits in my sauna but it's a really good surface i've found to do these these short foot exercises and many of the other things that emily's talked about as far as ways to activate the feet and then the book like i mentioned it's like one hundred pages long so you've got no excuses just get it because we we scratched the surface we didn't scratch service we got we got we took a deep dive into some of the stuff but ultimately there is a lot in this book that we really didn't get a chance to talk about so i recommend picking it up and then if you have questions for emily or you could just leave them over at ben greenfield finished dot com slash barefoot ben and in many cases myself or my guests or both we do a pretty good job at getting in and reply to your question so i know you might have some and you can throw them in there if you would like so dr emily thanks for coming on the show we're going to have to have a a alchemist juice sometime back at the kitchen.

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