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Or kenan jonah wherever you're you're playing to right now though waste my time don't was the first time there were saudis time though is committee members time actually i'm playing to the taxpayers of california who have paid for this opinion and have every right to know whether you know it's a reliable one especially when you're using it as the basis for legislation so the assembly no longer has a contract with covington number one as i understand so the state senate does so as of now is the state senate paying for the work of covington and burling that women's i see them up this folks is the tax payers pay your salary shoko israel's your staff members as well as your car as well as your pension or not peddlar of you in gentleman have great i just wanted to call arafat of the senate is currently paying for the legal work being done my covington burling we do have a contract with covington rhinos we speak so what kevin kyle wanted to make glare is this is taxpayer money paid to it obama hack eric holder the former attorney general and holder came up with other pinon that scott it's constitutional short by the way that the czech clear and currently point jet something interesting you can goddard attorney in this case and say tell me if this is legal if this is constitutional or make your best argument for it so that dealy own as a bunch of talking points that the rip idiot reporters in it california will not challenge big difference big difference between what's the best argument as opposed to is this really constitutional then wanna highlight for fox news.

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