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Ernie I'm sitting in for Dan cats with Alex Rodriguez and we have an incredibly special guest someone who's very personally inspiring to me Korea Barter Romo who I would call in the game of thrones era she's like sursee slash Generis of business news so there's no ready more fiercer formidable than Maria and what we're going to cover today is essentially a couple things which is how you got to where you are you have three top rated shows written three books you're doing sixteen hours of television a week there is no one who seems hungrier more driven more accomplished more news or the first in business than you and we're excited to cover that one of my role models remember I have two daughters yes this kind of like the gold standard as are you so I really think are derived Alex Reggie Gay's just said I Israel Model I love it and I so Maria I want to start with you know I think of you as the female reporters in the today's female reporters are in the locker room and what you broke through and did on the New York Stock Exchange in terms of covering businesses news covering businesses on the floor take us through from that moment today how did you get to where you are how did you come to be we thank you well thank you for having me first of all it's a thrill to be with both of you I want you to know I started my career CNN I was a a project assistant and CNN and that was in nineteen eighty nine and at that time it was CNN was doing something that nobody was doing and that was covering a story as it was actually happening and that was the first Gulf War and I remember as a production assistant I was in awe washing Bernard Shaw the other reporters under the bed Baghdad saying oh bombs are going off so I learned firsthand had a cover story as it was happening which was really helpful five years later when I started at CNBC as a reporter on the fly the New York Stock Exchange having to cover the stock market in real time and it was incredibly exciting and I I to the floor at to do our show beginning a new program called squawk box and we wanted to be different so initially a lot of people did not want me there but you know really took an effort to break through to get these guys to become allies of mine and so I'm I'm really proud of that how do you think about you know you're talking without covering things on the fly on the ground and what I think so impressive is not only have you moved from CNN to CNBC to Fox business you've moved from I'm from business to culture to politics like what are the skills you think you need to have her that you have that have made you so adept at covering all these different things in real time yeah I think it's a great question actually because it really comes down with you the same thing regardless of what the industry is it's just preparation over prepare I think one of the best ways that I prepare to do interviews and to cover story is I speak with as many people as so when I'm interviewing somebody I'll speak with people who that person who liked the person don't like the person bull bear whatever it is try to understand what the most important issues on that person are and so that's how I approach interviewing it's was really important for me to be able to stretch myself and cover more topics than just the Stockman market when I was at CNBC for twenty years I covered the stock market balance-sheets corporates interviewing CEOS but after a while I felt like it was so short-term it was all about what the stock market going to do in the next three seconds what are the earnings GonNa be in the next three months and I was looking to broaden out my own Folio Fox made me a great offer to leave I did and now I've been able to stretch myself and studied things that I never would have studied otherwise I'm talking about you know tax policy immigration policy politics I really enjoy the focus on policy as opposed you just business because now today policy really matters to the markets and policy really matters to business back then you know it didn't I mean during the nineties it was like Oh you know what stock should we buy based on the number of clicks to the website Sh- thrown out all fundamentals in terms of earnings and revenue growth and we were just get clicks to the website and it's interesting when you look back at things like that we saw it again in the housing boom and then the housing bust where we were expecting housing prices to go up up just because they kept going up you pick any any city Phoenix for example I remember in two thousand and six I believe it was home prices were up forty percent over year why we're home prices up forty percent was the population growing was the housing market getting better no none of that just we saw prices going up and we thought that it it would continue so I think it's really important when you're in a boom to say does this make sense you know is this really the way it should the bay or if it if it doesn't make sense than if it looks good to be true it probably is and so we learned that over and over again in these different you for periods I think it's called then I'll let you get enjoyable quiet I got off but one of the things Alex talks about that I love and that I think about all the time is he describes himself and he's described himself on this podcast as having Mojo and being with article and I think about you as someone a new who has those same two two things where you're incredibly disciplined in research but you have the grit and the Mojo to make things work I think so often you see in both view actually UC personalities not able to cross the transom from one network to another something worked in one place that didn't work in the next place I think Alex what you're doing on Fox and ESPN is extraordinary and unheard of nothing works accepted but tell me a little bit about your Mojo like what drives you what makes you go like what's the Maria of it all I mean I think you are bringing really shapes you I was born and raised in Brooklyn and I think I did learn a certain street savvy so that definitely is who I am so when I got down to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and I started getting pushback from the guys on the floor I pushed back and I said you know what this better than you do I'm coming back I'm not going anywhere and so I think you do need to have that confidence and that belief in yourself to believe and actually accomplished something that belief that Mo Jo as you call it that's part of taking forward you've got to believe in yourself because if you don't believe in Herself I assure you no one else will and you know I think that being in Brooklyn and growing up my father's restaurant my whole family was there all the time the wrecks manner my grandfather actually my grandfather came from Italy in nineteen Oh six first thing he did was go fight in World War One and he came back and he built a rest strong literally built the restaurant he was a bricklayer in Italy they named it the wrecks the REX manner after the ship that he had taken back and forth to Italy it was called the rex and I was the coat check girl at that restaurant so I definitely started you know doing a lot working hard that is who I am definitely known as one of the hardest working people in the industry and I am a proud of that because my mother has always told me success comes through preparation and over prepare I love you remind me of great athletes when I think about the great athletes that I played with Edgar Martinez who's going into the hall of Fame Mariana era you think about the Jordan's is always a great preparation right I mean I always say that a full with a plan to genius without one every time and and you don't have to be the smartest with someone that great but you know when I think about you your father own the restaurant your mother was a hostess and helped C. C. Customers go to Nyu your New York all the way around with an Italian background what's fascinating to me is a little bit what Erica said you come from CNBC your rockstar there you go the Fox and I remember reading all it's not gonNa work at Fox and they're gonNA work at Fox while you're breaking records there now you're beating your opponent. CNBC would just fascinating not only in the weekdays but also on the weekends I guess my question to you 'cause I've watched them incredible interviews over the years because I'm a big fan of yours some of the great CEOS and they had trump just a few this past weekend but want to talk more on the Business Side C. E. O.'s maybe a few that you've really enjoyed in why and what makes them interview you know who I really like a lot is Jamie diamond he's real he tells you how it is you know that he's probably not lying to you I think when when people get questioned and then they don't actually answer the question audiences are really smart they're like he's lying to me he's not answering the question she's not during the question when you're straightforward sometimes people don't like the answer but they know they're getting the raw deal they're getting the truth and I think people appreciate that they just want the truth and so that's one thing I think that Jamie Dimon does I absolutely love Steve Schwartzman the chairman and CEO of blackstone because here's a guy who has gotten to the Michael of Wealth The pinnacle of success and he never forgets where he came from he's always so real as well I saw him the other night and he's just really personable he's a good man he gives so much money away he just gave three hundred and fifty million dollars to mit because he's just curious he was curious about Ai Mit a lot on artificial intelligence so you know people like that really they turn me on I mean it's like okay this guy's real brock Obama had a very special component about him he was an incredible or tour and I remember watching him when he was either in the White House or at events he was less trick he drew you in no matter if you don't like his policies you like his policies you know that he was among the best speakers that you're gonna find but I think CEO's mind advice to people coming up in the world and I think this is true to some of the CEO's that I admire very much is number one they love what they do and you know you see a guy like Henry Berg who ran Aig and then star he's almost ninety years old he's going into work everyday he's eating salmon and trying to stay alive forever nope never stops because he loves it I think you know you always have to do the right thing I mean your reputation follows you wherever you go and so I think it's the important for you to cherish your reputation and know that it's fragile and it's fleeting and so you need to love what you do and and do the right thing being and and work hard I certainly have followed have a follow because this is really interesting and this has happened so many times in my career where I've seen this Erica's where you you see a guy off camera and he's like how's Your Dad how's your mother house this House on all my goodness great and he's just charming and truthful and honest and all of a sudden this is such an important point because people forget sometimes that the best way to come across on camera is to be yourself over the years I've had so many they could've made because I'm here and I didn't go anywhere you WanNa be yourself you have to portray who you really are because like we were talking about earlier audiences see through it and when they think you're lying to them you're done they have they've stopped listening and so I think that that's one thing that CEOS and really I have to remember you have to be yourself be real because that is what resonates with Jimmy diamond not being completely upfront but some of these seals are running public companies what advice would you give if you do not want to lie to you Maria but yet you wanna be forthright what advice would you give those CEOS how to handle that and look I don't think there's anything wrong with saying you know what I don't have the answer to you right now I'm going to get back to you or you know what I can't really discuss that right now because it's under consideration and we're working through that right now but don't make something up and make believe that you have a different answer for something that is really not the truth I think the truth is really important and if you I can't answer that you can say you know what I'm not I can't go there because I'm in the middle of something right now about that and we're not talking about that but here's what I will say about that you know it's important tell a little bit about how you what's your method of how how do you get past the opaqueness and the smoke to get to a real story we we look at there's a lot at Barstool and I look at this a lot in the Internet whereby in the Internet if it's not real it's not gonNA work if you're packaging something nobody cares so how do you think of.

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