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While your favorite volunteer cleanup events may be canceled right now you could still be environmentally conscious at home and save money on your water bill by building a rain barrel it's easy to do and the water can be saved for other outdoor use is brought to you by I heart radio earth ends the national environmental education foundation to find more tips on smarter sustainable living or to take action in your own community go to I heart radio dot com slash earth your showers thunderstorms on the landscape this morning scattered showers and thunderstorms still possible as we get into the afternoon today today's rate chance eighty percent the highest chances early still moderate current risk of the water yesterday's high chapter made up to ninety one and no rain officially measured as a four o'clock go for tonight see a shower thunderstorm threat early thought a few clouds tomorrow with a shower eighty six it's a shop with other storms scattered over the weekend with updates around the clock on suffered a severe weather station the weather channel's restaged counties radio six ten W. I. U. D. this report is sponsored by Florida power and light storm season is here N. F. P. L. we are ready prepared like never before for a storm season like no other prepare your home and family as we work to keep all our lights on get ready see how it F. P. L. dot com slash store it's nine forty it's topographic here's Taylor Evans in the W. RD twenty four hour traffic so you Margie Taylor good morning Jimmy palmetto southbound before the dolphin a crash has all lanes blocked in the express lane this report is sponsored by discover still Sheila north found a lady approaching Killian.

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