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This is part of the reason why I hate the. I mean, I hate the idea of UB I for a lot of reasons. But one of the things that almost like bothers me the most is when they'll be like, well, this is just a way to government welfare the welfare state is so inefficient. And so we could make it more efficient with the UB. I and you're like, yeah. The last thing I want to do is make the state more efficient. It's like are only are only fucking hope is that they're inefficiencies end up killing him at some point. Right. Like, why would you wanna make an evil institution? That's a founded and funded by theft, more efficient. I have no interest in that. And one of our only hopes is that as the state, you know, grows, bigger and bigger it's unable to kind of contain itself, and it gets exposed. But that's what's happening with the deep state. I mean at this point I saw the figure the other day. And I can't remember exactly I think it was three or four million people. There's three or four million people who have top level security clearances. There's so many it's so big at this point. There's so many people involved in all this shit that they're just trusting these vital. Secrets to people that they have. No, no. No, no, certainty aren't going to be stealing them and handing them over to some goofy. Fucking Australian who's ready to fucking shown to the world. Now, it's not exactly a new shocker to tell everyone that government isn't exactly consistent with its logic. But I it is kind of interesting to me than when it comes to Google and Facebook, they're trying to treat them like they're journalists. And then he got the Julian Assange guy, and they're trying treat him like the internet is a different way of publishing news. Yeah. Yeah. No magin. Well, just imagine for another ju just another way to look at it. Imagine if. Some other country. So let's say imagine if Saudi Arabia had some secrets about how they killed Khashoggi or something like that. Hallway that's more of a Japanese twist on it? But imagine they end some secrets about how they were killing people in Yemen or they killed that journalists Casale g saying that wrong now now hoagie man now, I don't trust myself. Kobe. And some American. Published? You know, he got his hands on the classified information that he got his hands on the Saudi secrets, and he published and said, hey, this is what the Saudi government's doing. And then the Saudi government demanded that we turn over this American to Qatar who's going to send them over to Saudi Arabia Q. Imagine the outrage that Americans would feel over that. Like fuck you. That's his fuck and right? He he has every right to publish information. And the idea that you wouldn't the idea that you wouldn't publish state secrets that the state can now say to a news organization now that's off limits is just I mean, there's something really terrifying about that level of authoritarian power. So I don't know. I don't know what else to say about it. Best of luck to Julian Assange. I hope he can I hope he's got some dirt. I he's got some fucking video. Show of Hillary Clinton in Nancy Pelosi spit, you know, suck and feed us blood into their face in the morning or something. I don't know. I know the videos out there somewhere, but maybe maybe he's got something up his sleeve, and and he can find a way to to keep his freedom. But I don't know that's a big f a big big f so Julian Assange hero, and the government is a criminal organization, and I guess that's where I will wrap on that one. All right, another another big story data that came out over the course of this week that I thought was interesting and worth talking about and kind of touches on a theme of somewhat similar to what we were talking about with Julian Assange case, and and and ties right into stuff..

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