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Hundred w away. I. Welcome back to Cleveland again. A sell out crowd of nineteen thousand four thirty two on Channing Friday. They honored Channing Frye here this afternoon. Channing Frye got a chance to start in this ball game. Channing Frye by the wages went to for six in the field. He finished with five points and four rebounds. We'll give you more individuals going here in just a little bit for this Burs a balanced attack force at Tonio led by lamarcus Aldridge, eighteen points and thirteen rebounds. He was able to play less than thirty minutes. Demar derozan, late thirty two minutes. Fourteen points, nine assists and three rebounds. Among the other starters Brin Forbes at thirteen points, six boards and four assists. Eight point seat for Jaka Portland. Derek Whyte, Derek Whyte with three assists and four rebounds and Jaka Pertile, eight points and ten boards. He was a plus seventeen. He also blocked a couple of shots. Pretty good performance by alka Pertile here this afternoon, fourteen points eight for Dallas Thompson, Patty mills Rudy gay was four of six in the field. But he was charged with six of the Spurs eighteen turnovers. Seven points for Lani Walker the fourth or impact. Of the game came in the nice job. Three three in the field in twelve minutes and also six points, four Quincy pond, Dexter and Damascus multi unis also had one field goal he committed four thousand oh in just under six minutes. But the not too small to Guinness, obviously, still learning the Spurs system. He just been with the Spurs for a couple of days for the Cavs sixteen points each for Brandin Knight and Collins Sexton that's a season high for Brandin Knight, twelve points, four Jedi Osborne. Eleven for Larry Nance, junior and Channing Frye with five points and four boards off the bench on visage with five of six field. He finished with fourteen points and six rebounds, five points for Kevin love only played thirteen minutes. Jordan clocks in a tough tough day. He was over seven before he hit a late shot. So he ends up one for eight and a minus twenty four on the plus minus and David was one for six he finishes with two points as well. Then Adele had a shot late in the game. He finishes with five points and two from Archies Chris at adds up to one twelve for the Spurs.

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