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That i just i want to be careful of just heavy everybody envisioning visiting the high five celebration for aj mccarron and we're forgot to make a phone call but screwed i know that i know that i just don't want to give that perception but somehow they screwed it up i that i agree with and we see that screw up we see seen the minnesota vikings watch their time run out at what pick six one year yeah like them in a draft which is ridiculous but yeah this is inexcusable inexcusable to make this kind of an air on a trade that you want to do that oh by the way you wait until the last minute to do yeah i mean inexcusable is a good word i have written down ludicrous you can too many could put whatever where you want in their next villain the blank the most significant nfl trade this week was blind well i look at i look at what it means for the teams for jimmy garoppolo i throw that one out because they're not going anywhere this year if they got their quarterback we'll see they can find out jay jyle grow into philly philly already has the number four rushing team in the in the league i certainly think he will help especially catching the ball out of the backfield as well but they have players do that as well i think he helps that team but it's a team that's already the best in the nfl so that puts we have kelvin benjamin or dwayne brown join voronin seattle their twenty six in rushing so dwayne brown is going to solidify that last that left tackle though russell wilson is very good at escaping anyway i'm going with calvin benjamin the wide receiver for buffalo ranked last in receptions and last in receiving yards there are five into team that a lot of people think probably not gonna maybe that win the division go the right there i'm sure they think they can if that do they have to fight for a wall covered there really good team and they just helped the position that.

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