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Stated after the game of the post game show for a final numbers this is the go to when we come back the only Marshall Gordon Murray and experience this morning the score quickly to try to get themselves back in this game Millie is William correcting true it's about the the gourd we were working to eagles the rainy and off the window for an easy two virgins nor simply there in Africa a late time out against north more than externally the foreign polling state to win the game on Thursday going away previously sixty six fifty five that's double dribble off the dribble on the ground and picked up a third rebel yet again and if you do that the lawyers get Apache is continually with three minutes to go one three years dealing drive to the basket lost the ball got affected with the outsider over Murray Murray at the free throw line cut off down a gorge gore more that shake move again fatally shot is no good rebounded loco yeah they're gonna call on local for pushing for the best this is for and on the sixteenth all the cardinals no free throws away still to get the ball with two forty six the blood the Antonio Marshall into in the Milledgeville shot website is no good reliance audio back up no this is the best way for Wayne state in the can I get him to go Askins there have courts it will trigger lots of clock now we'll tell he's gonna attack it's a back up the balloon Lou driving into the paint all the way to the basket puts about no jobs available another said no and finally going grams a rebound for way stand up ahead of brown threw something away sit down a lot nearly all the mercury we're going to attack what's up off the window for to raise you know it's all news sixty six fifty seven nine point game with two minutes to go when you were a little since I love for the lawyers really birth once the.

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