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I mean it was it was fun now producer ray e r you into this wrestling south not as much as i used to be ah to the earth for a period of wife couple of years i really enjoyed watching it that you mentioned we did you'll be bobby the brain he yeah here's something you know but you know nothing about me i used to own my own professional rushing organization obviously it wasn't wwe size but we pro promoted locally and i had several shows had interaction with got to meet bobby the brain hanan got to meet him as bobby the brain hanan and he can then i got to meet him afterwards where he's just bobby hain and rape and he's was he like he is absolutely he well before at the end here he had the disease and his he was basically deformed at the end here he wasn't nothing like he used to be but in my wrestling organization i was the bad manager right and i took everything that he had done through the '70s and '80s and basically just revolves it in for me because i think as you can tell during that your little signet's right there he performed where we're going to be open right right so everything he got on the mic from one of the best microphone workers in professional wrestling it's appropriate because that's what promotion yet and he's promoting where the reality what time it is what day of the week and the people that are going to be involved in creating excitement yep and he should do it without cussin without demoralizing people in all right and but he's outside of the ring when he's just he's not doing his persona very intelligent very pro lot of these guys are that's heart businessman very personable very approachable um um but you know they don't get to do that because they have to put on that persona because like when i said when i was the bad manager i had a big wig on i had glasses because in the community i love locked in in the community where i was i was a a a manager of a place so i couldn't be because when i got in the ring of course i've taught crap right i.

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