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News, traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. Morning together at the capitol with the halftime reports. I'm Jack crumley breaking now. Former President George W Bush shook hands and greeted mourners at the US capitol rotunda this evening. Bush had a moment of silence as he stood at the casket of his father who is lying in state until tomorrow's funeral at the National Cathedral. He then happily greeted people who were there to pay their respects to George Hw. Bush. Former President Bush was accompanied by his wife, Laura, his brother, Jeb and his daughters. Jenna, and Barbara a cafeteria worker at John g Carlisle elementary in Covington has been diagnosed with hepatitis A. And the northern Kentucky health department says they were working when they were infectious from November thirteenth up until yesterday. Co workers are encouraged to get a vaccination Kentucky school children were required by law to get a happy vaccine before school started and another not guilty plea from a member of the Wagner family, George, Billy Wagner. The third was arraigned in pike county today on twenty two counts, including aggravated murder in the shooting deaths of the rodents in two thousand sixteen. He said. Little other than that, not guilty. Plea today, like his wife and two sons who are similarly charged. He's now being held without bond from the nine first warning weather center chance of snow tonight. Cloudy, a low of twenty six should see less than half an inch of accumulation tomorrow. Chance of snow showers during the first half of the day cloudy with a high of thirty three I'm Jack. Crumley our next update after the game and breaking news anytime NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w here's a now. Ladies are you still wearing that old uncomfortable traditional bra all the constant polling and adjusting? If embarrassing you need, the Cubie.

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