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Drain cleaning for only $99 Michael Hanson. Traffic and weather on the AIDS and Rita Kessler's in the W T o P Traffic center. Not too much going on in the area. Thankfully, a lot of the work sounds that we were dealing with earlier in the clearing stages are completely cleared on the Beltway in Virginia, the outer loop between Route seven and 66. That work has cleared. You're still seeing a bit of a tap of the breaks through Tysons trying to get towards 66, but not seeing any cones in the roadway. Also the outer loop between Saint part of his root and Branch avenue. It was the left side getting by the Work, but that should also be In the clearing stages. Southbound to 70 looking good out of Frederick all the way to the lane. Divide onto either loop of the Beltway. No problems along route 50 between the Beltway and the Bay Bridge. And inside the Beltway. Both 50 and the BW Parkway remaining at speed heading into the district. Whether you're using New York Avenue or D C to 95 in Virginia South Beyond 95 is where we're seeing the slowdown out of jail City into Dumfries. The left lane gets by the work eastbound 66 before 29 in Centerville. The work zone is cleared. Still seeing somebody Volume through the area, but your lane should be open. After that. It looks good all the way to the Beltway inside the Beltway. No problems getting to and across the Roosevelt Bridge. And on the mark trains this morning Brunswick train 8 90 has been canceled. For today. Passengers will be accommodated by train 892 I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic and it's a picture. Perfect day. We've got Mike's dinner for it on the forecast. Gorgeous, fall like day across the region. Sunny, breezy, low humidity will get up to a high in the mid to upper seventies. Clear and cool. Tonight, Our.

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