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Here. It seems like Bolton did ultimately have an outsized influence over these huge foreign policy issues that you just outlined he wanted the US to be out of the Iran nuclear deal the US now out he opposed peace talks with Kim Jong. ooh In North Korea. Those talks have more or less stall right. He was a peace deal with Taliban. The president just said those over not bad yeah in some ways that's true obviously but it depends on the issue on Iran for instance and I'm not looking that hurt Iran at all. I'm looking to have Iran say no nuclear the weapons we have enough problems in this world right now with nuclear weapons no nuclear weapons for rent and I think we'll make a deal. He was pushing on an open door. The President agreed with John Bolton's Walton's view of the Iran nuclear deal. They both thought it was a terrible idea that it was giving around too much leeway and that they should get out so they agreed on that but they didn't agree agree on for instance regime change. That's something that Bolton has always favored in. Iran presidents now publicly said several times. I'm not foraging change. These are great. People it has a chance has to be a great country with the same leadership. We're not looking for regime change. I just want to make that clear. We're looking for no nuclear weapons. If you look on your career you're right. The talks are stalled that certainly pleased John Bolton because he thought that their counterproductive and dangerous but probably wasn't because of him. It was really more because of Kim. I'm not coming to the table with anything meaningful so in a lot of ways John Bolton did have a lot of influence particularly help for instance holding out of some treaties like the IMF treaty with Russia but his successors were in areas where he was working with the presence own instinct where he was going in the same direction. We got in trouble. It was where he was fighting against the tide. I'm struck struck by the fact that the thing you say the president liked most about Bolton. His pugilist is combative style is also kind of a cost Bolton his job right yeah I mean. This is something that people said even seventeen months ago when he was hired you know winning was. I don't know those two in a room. The inevitable clash flash is going to eventually drive the part to some people. It's surprising that it took this long but he viewed his job as how to stop bad deals from happening within minutes of his resigning. I talk with the person who's close to Bolton and said look for seventeen months. The John Bolt was national security adviser. There are no bad deals. That's his view and and you know we've seen this before where people who surround the president view their job as stopping the president from doing things they consider be bad right in REX Tillerson's case for instance. It was the only around he wanted to stop the president for being too combative in the world. John Bolton wanted to stop the president from being too naive and his view to willing to get in bed with with bad actors who can't be trusted in both cases. It didn't end up well to boone is leaving with all these same. Foreign policy matters largely unresolved which is a problem for the next national security adviser. So what do you think is happening next. And what can you tell us about who you suspect the president will choose for that job and what it will tell us us about how he's thinking about those issues right exactly. I mean the the president said today that he will name somebody next week. Now it suggests he has perhaps somebody in mind wind and one of the names for instance. We've heard is a guy named Steve. Steve Begin is a former George W Bush administration official who has been president trump's chief negotiator later with the North Koreans. I fully understand the importance of this job. The issues are tough and they will be tough to resolve the president has created an opening in it's one that we must take by seizing every possible opportunity to realize the vision for a peaceful future breath for the people of North Korea that would seem to tell you if he picks big and that he's looking for somebody on the opposite side of Bolton when it comes to some of these diplomacy issues somebody who's willing to you talk with some of these bad actors order to try to negotiate some sort of an agreement on the other hand if he picks a different figure somebody who's more hard lined like John Bolton. Maybe you'll the policies won't change. The question really would be more about personality and fit and chemistry so we're looking to see who choices because I think it will be telling in figuring out where the president will go in this next year before the election.

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