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Kids get into colleges and stuff so a lot of that Toby into the tech world fast. So we're expecting like a a lot of this fencing to call the cops to this conversation today. A major part of it is probably the strategy behind c opening taking it. So i'm getting ready to like that too absolutely. Yeah well i'll try and make as many pundits like i love it. I always like we're here to learn from you guys. You guys are expert guests. Sabrina ask some questions to see how you're managing this in your ops is but i mean obviously not ideal world when we're talking about getting paper services Patients just pay upfront. And i know many doctors listening to this conversation are probably thinking like all right. We on to cost. And they pay it. Or they don't get it in his accidental. But why do we need to think differently about that situation and come up with more creative solutions. I think that We all have the you know we heard the saying cash is king but in actuality cash flow is king though it is possible to get paid up front but you don't have to put the burden on the patient if you can get paid by third party and have the patient spread it out. We're comfortable to themselves. It's a lot easier because you're preserving the patients cash flow. You're improving the office cash flow and it's kind of a win win situation for everybody because the kind of the model that are ultras in is very much subscription or pay over time. Where if you can get a third party to pay you in full and helped. You're still helping patient because you're getting the treatment that they need and they just pay over time that makes so much sense. I mean every time. I go online to to purchase. Maybe maybe a clothing article asked me. I want to break up the payments. Or do i want to pay for it in full and You know like you said subscription services especially for molyneux's. I mean we just live our life on autopilot..

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