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Looking at reform we have eleven counties and what we're doing is. We're getting more information to the judges. So if you stay in jail on a pre-trial basis, it's based on risk not wealth. You have two people. Get arrested for the same charges to people. Get arrested for a backup marijuana on percents. Five hundred dollars. One person doesn't should the sole reason that you stay in jail prior to here in being that you have the money. So we wanna do it basis because I think there's a benefit to public safe. Fifty. So that if you're a drug addict, you may not have the bond to get out. But if you're drug dealer, you do so we want to make sure that when we set bail that it's set based on the risk as opposed to. Well, how's it work out? So far, we are having some preliminary information come in right now from Monroe county has right now they're having like ninety percents success rate at showing up on what we're seeing very little recidivism on a pre-trial basis. So we will know within the next year 'cause we're having. Studied at the same time or collecting data to show that. It's working other states who've said our model after successful models. So it's always you never know having been a judge like you're safe to go out. You're not safe when you lock people up. The more information we can get to our judges and part of Cortec -nology we have supervised release system. We're we're getting the data in the background on that lit against. You're not just showing up in court. Well, you've got you've just got arrested for this. This is going to be your bail. So I think we're going to be able to make smarter safer decisions in the long run in. It's sort of even my county is you're telling me, it's an organic process. What Bill form looks like in one county may be slightly different another kind, and that's okay. Go here, we wrap up here. But how are we with a new crop of lawyers? I know for other words from about.

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