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Also presented by indeed and favor. Today i've got a good one lined up for you. we're going to get. it started off here with napoleon. mccallum former raiders running back and navy reading back. But i also have joining me today former offensive tackle lincoln. Can this is going to be a good one pack. So let's get right into it first. Let's start it off here. As we speak with napoleon mccallum he talked to me about the navy game plays on december twelve th. That's this coming saturday. Three pm eastern twelve noon pacific and this contest that you can enter. So let's have here breakdown the contest for us. I'm heidi fangs today. With former navy running back as well as a former raider that lives here in henderson nevada and is just all over the town. He's going to talk to us about the one hundred and twenty first army navy game taking place december twelfth starting at three pm on the east coast noon here on the pacific coast napoleon. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me cited the be here talk about army navy and this is no polian mccallum again so napoleon. I wanted to talk to you all about this. Because there's a ton of things happening with america's game. Usaa has this tradition. The army navy house sweepstakes that's happening there's ways to enter on army navy house dot com. What can you tell us about this. Well you know what. I go to the website and i'm really curious the curious to see all the pictures of all the army navy people all the navy people who have had great experiences an army and they can post their photos there and the best photos acts away when an opportunity to win a trip to new york for the next army navy game. I'd love to go. I spend a lot of time in new york city. Love new york city. I mean this game is a storied rivalry something that used to be featured on. Its own during this week but due to covid nineteen which you know. Circumstances are always changing. You just never know what's going to happen right now. We are living in a pandemic. So i mean what does it mean. As far as getting more is here to this historic rivalry. Well you know the army navy game. I mean they're the best of the best. These are the guys that have character who are going out on the battle field that we get to see five eight and it will be a battle and later on they're gonna shake hands and then they're going to work together to protect our country and still this rivalry like we said it lives on your and alumni of navy. You're running back there your college hall of famer so tell us just for you. Your personal experiences. What you took away from being on that field and kind of wearing that badge having that name honor behind it with being part of the navy team you know i it's really about the camaraderie We meet We make at the naval academy and You know even last year. I went to the game and even when i was walking around through the stadium. You know a lot of army people you know said hi to me and everything getting me You know about never getting the win against me but it is just a. I'm actually going to have an event here at my house while with a few close friends For the army navy game. And we're gonna watch it outside and Share some beers and Some stories so It it's really about camaraderie and the brotherhood that we have. That's great staff. I mean you had your choice to go to so many different schools. You chose navy because it was a place that allowed you to do the position that you wanted to become a great in. That was running back. This has got to be just fantastic for you to be able to see this thing. Come together oh yeah. it's it's pretty awesome at one. One point tried to actually get navy to come out here to las vegas and play in our las vegas bowl But i think it was during christmas and they didn't want to come so but now that we got this new stadium they might wanna come now. So but no i i love navien and i love the people that it represents. I'm surprised you weren't able to get them there. Because you're very persuasive. And you mentioned that new stadium and you were very implemental in getting that new stadium here to nevada las vegas. What can you tell us about that process and what it means now that you can see it here actually being right in the main kinda throw away on the fifteen. And the having the raiders. Hear your former team is pretty awesome and it was just a win win for everybody and you know we had a great team of people who worked You know behind the scenes to make all this happen and Basically what it was left up to two mark we gave them the option of coming here and once away didn't work out he was he had made up his mind. He's coming to las vegas. And i think he hasn't regretted that decision. It's it's a beautiful stadium. I've been in an around the outside of it. And and just the things that the raiders are doing in our community are pretty awesome in. So i'm really looking forward to A great relationship that the raiders are going to happen. This las vegas community when you look over what the raiders have accomplished in this season. Do you think that they're going to make it down the stretch here and this tight playoff race. I think they are. I mean to come back the way they did Against the jets man. That was incredible. I mean you would think after their next to last drive that all hope was gone. But those guys fought to the bitter end and And made the the big play in. The raiders are known for making big place. What have you made a jon. Gruden being back here as the head. Coach of the raiders. I think it's awesome. He he's a guy with a lot of enthusiasm and any exhibits. That i mean he exudes that to the players and they all wanna play for him. I i remember when they were first bringing jon gruden back in to hear some of the guys Talk about You know how they wanted to come back our retirement and play for him He's just inspirational. He's done amazing job. With derek carr and just the way he thinks on the on the football field now. So i'm really excited. I think they've got an awesome chance To make the playoffs and really looking forward to it with josh jacobs. He's a young stud right now running back though he's been injured and you've seen that struggle that he's had keeping healthy this season but i wanted to ask what you think about him because he said he's learned a lot from marcus allen. Who is somebody that you shared the field with. And your time as raider. And i just wanted to ask what you think about marcus allen mentorship which aus- jacobs can you see it evidence. Yeah i think when. I saw josh I try to dive into the end zone for a touchdown Like us a little weak. And then i had heard that is it was talk until then there was another opportunity for the diamond. And i said oh. That's how that's how marcus dies. And so i had known at. I did not know at the time that marcus was kind of mentoring him. And but it was evident that that he had and so marcus berry intelligence Running back in just quick as a cat and so that's a.

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