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And i was like this is like a nice restaurant. It's going to mcdonald's and you get there and it's like yeah they fucking shit. They still call that area where pigs eat the dining room. What the fuck. That is so unfair to dining rooms to call where you eat mcdonalds. A diet it's like there's like in the people's tables table room table room dining room beating you fries scarfing room yeah right. Yes pre vomiting human trough room. Yeah a anyway. That's the things are you into cars at all other than your electric art. I'm really not. I mean like i kind of said to you before we started. I i valeted cars from when i was probably like To nineteen or twenty tells probably about twenty three and ended up like a work this company for years and then i actually did start to give a shit about cars at least like about not abusing a car. That wasn't mine. But i was also not opposed like i'll take the long go the long way around but but no that was what i would sort of go like holy shit like when i i would be like. Oh okay so an like and notice things You know little things. But i for the most part. Don't know shit that's cool. Yeah we're not gonna force you into car talk now. Here's a few episodes car. Ish focused episodes of the dollop. Janet guthrie The racing driver female Indycar and nascar driver and The way people treated her made me that ruined the few people's reputations for me I can't ever look at. Aj fight the same way again. He was a real piece of shit to that woman. Yeah and You did you do dale one. I don't think we didn't know car. Yeah yeah there's a dale one which they they They turned in not they. They did the tv thing with lady in the deal. Yeah any other ones that you can think of that. I dare dare-devils but that's not car. Necessarily i mean that's evil knievel for sure. Yeah that one was. That was a fun one. Oh and then we did. One on john delorean. Oh yeah did you. Have you seen any of the john. Delorean documentaries with alec one. Yeah i was like I'm sorry. I'm not gonna be able to make it through. This is really weird isn't it. It's a weird. It is weird. It's weird because he he breaks. The fourth then turns into alec baldwin dressed as john delorean eyebrows. Just giving some things a movie or make documentary. They're like no we're going to smash into one unwatchable form movie documentary reenactment and bts together finally randomly. Yeah yeah exactly. Yeah but Yeah i will i will. I will take this episode To this opportunity to To recommend any lawn musk episode. Because it's yeah. I'm sure my i mean i. I never know what he's got like cooking obviously but I'm sure he's got some shit. I mean we're about to do five hundred. we're supposed. Yeah right. Yeah and he for every hundred. It's been something crazy. What was the what was what we four hundred was. Reagan rarely hundred trump bragan. Cheney fucking Jesus christ can and that one was wild. Yeah a lotta these are really really dianne. Feinstein one was wild god. She's the fucking worst. Oh my god the idea that we should have eight year olds in our government in any way is just like so far szekely beyond all you had to know about. That is what mark zuckerberg went in front of the senator's committee. Or whatever and everyone just read a question like written by like ace status family because that's to pick out a themm. Thank you mark me. My grad shod. He posted a comment. But i can't see it. Yeah mark zuckerberg went back to headquarters and we don't have to pay we're fine. We're fine where everybody bought it. Yeah we're let that. Russia rubles clear on the ruble's bringing now at i remember when ted stevens the senator from alaska. He used to wear a hulk tie. Two votes was on some web counselor internet. Whatever and he's up there and he goes. The internet is a series of two back and it was just like what the fuck. This dude like is like bill. And ted's what the internet after james with information but kicked cloud in the to your like who what is happening. How is this lau. You've into the bank where they have. The vacuum satirises the wifi password. That's right this. Is the wifi right here. Yeah like those commercials like today. We're gonna open a pdf those guys real reality. Yeah but we live in that shit. Yes i mean well again. I mean i am gladly as any of my friends will tell you i can always bring it back to how our political structure has failed sour. Any good time real quick. Yup and that's where we're gonna end it. Thanks gary thank you thank you. Thank you Gigs to promote anything. Besides just jerry. Yes since we've since Since who knows who's listening why don't we do it right out. Here we go. I will be at comedy on state and madison wisconsin. July twenty second through the twenty fifth. I will be at. cb live in phoenix. Arizona august fifth rally north carolina august. Sixth through the eighth. I will be at hyenas in dallas texas on the nineteenth of august the twentieth of august. I'll be in austin texas at the state theatre twenty-first houston in the rec room. Twenty six spokane comedy club of august and the twenty seventh. I'll be at the tacoma. Comedy club in tacoma washington. You can find all that gareth. Reynolds dot com. That is a.

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