Larry Elder and Sebastian Discusses the Rare Footage in 'Uncle Tom 2'


Really kind of punched me in the gut with this movie is just the first four minutes just the footage that your guys found black families in the 30 40s and 50s, just the opulence, the prosperity, the elegance, the self confidence oozing out of two dimensional pictures and black and white, home movies, and look, I'm a white dude who's an immigrant to America. I was pissed of what's happened to that community in America. How did you guys just find that footage? Well, it was the director, Justin Malone, who's just an brilliant director. And our composer's name is Damon Chris well. He scored both movies. And again, it gave you kind of the atmosphere of the whole thing. But you're quite right. Even after black's emerged from slavery, when we were talking about lynchings and KKK and Jim Crow, black people still kept moving forward. Why? Strong nuclear intact family. It was rare for a black kid to be born into a world without his father married to the mother. A strong belief in patriotism, believe it or not, you read the speeches by people like Frederick Douglas Booker T. Washington, the riddled with praise for American values. Judeo Christian values and a belief in entrepreneurship. And Uncle Tom two talks about what's happened. How did the righteous civil rights movement get hijacked by these leftists, Democrats, socialists, collectivists, and marxists who want to dethrone God, marks, of course, was an atheist and on the website a Black Lives Matter. We talk a lot about Black Lives Matter and Uncle Tom too. They attack the nuclear family and Karl Marx hated capitalism, let alone entrepreneurship, so the very things that made black people and able to endure in the face of horrific obstacles. God, family, American values, and entrepreneurship are all under attack right now by people like Barack Obama who said America has racism in its DNA.

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