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KO eight fifty AM and ninety four one of them the voice of Colorado pretty good looking drive on a Saturday morning around the metro area but we do have some gusty winds as a matter of fact highway ninety three is closed between highway seventy two and I weigh one twenty just west of rocky flats because a very high winds in the area I twenty five though and I seventy two town both banks and free speeds up to the posted limits no problems early on any of the highways including our two twenty five six seven C. four seventy the boulder turnpike of in high country we have vehicle traction laws and commercial chain laws in effect over from copper mountain I should say over to veil Bucks thirty one pinpoint weather mostly sunny today a high near forty one hello down around twenty five twenty five in Denver now this report is sponsored by the cheesecake factory but Friday through cyber Monday for every twenty five dollar gift card purchased at the cheesecake factory dot com or any of the cheese cake restaurants you'll receive two free slices of cheese cake redeemable in the new year visit the cheesecake factory dot com for more details bill Jones K. away starting for a win on thanksgiving weekend tomorrow join our family of empowers field at mile high as the Broncos the charger brokers pregame coverage begins at eight and we thank you for listening you work hard for your business so should we that's why first bank's business solutions are designed to make running your business a little easier visit the first bank dot com slash business to learn more first bank business banking for good member FDIC thank you join us for carpet mill outlet stores like Friday super sale of two days twenty hours in the absolute lowest prices of the year this Friday and Saturday only think of two fifty percent off MSRP store why get special two years interest free financing twelve locations for the sailors two days only find out more at carpet mill outlet stores dot com Mar for Microsoft the reviews are in Michael rose Anne at the movies a a eight fifty eight AM and ninety four one well good Saturday morning hello Christian hello you're not Mike rose I'm not Mike Rosen I'm Laurie Lynn Barker in for Mike Rosen of a movie buff I'm a huge huge movie buff and I feel like all I do is watch.

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