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LSU leading seven nothing over Louisiana tech seven sixteen to go here in the first quarter Tigers takeover I at ten at their own eleven yard line. Cushenberry to snap the ball back to Joe borough in the shotgun. He'll take it give declined delay. Or looking for something. The left side jumps across the eleven. The line of scrimmage makes his way to the thirteen a gain of two it'll be second down and eight manual Turner. Was there to bring him down four tech? Tell us you Jen moving quickly seconds down and eight at the thirteenth by layer trying to spread it left side waiting for some blocks makes his way to the twenty up across the twenty one and stopped at the twenty two yard line. I down for LSU on a gain of seven yards per CLYDE Edwards AllAire came into today's game twenty-six Kerry seventy two yards two rushing touchdowns including that opening touchdown against Auburn last week out of the wild. Tiger borough comes out on first down slings of all farside. God around the thirty yard line. Justin Jefferson holds on. They'll say he's at the thirty one a gain of nine on the past play at LSU again lining up quickly. Third and one ball at the thirty one yard line farside hash attacking left to right two receivers near side one to the left give the Clive Edwards layer, stuffed at the line. Got back to the line of scrimmage. That's all no gain. I'm a play. James Jackson had a Hanes Bill. Louisiana stepped up to make the tackle four Louisiana tech. LSU who for three on third down so far tonight again at apartment LSU trying to improve on just thirty two percent on the season historic Carter. The fullback will check in third down and one at the thirty one yard line by average AllAire deepen the whole borough under center on third and one gives a declined to Larry. He's got the first down up across the thirty five mixes way to the thirty seven yard line. I down with Tigers on a cane of six yards. Good walking up front finding holes for the running back almost every running play only the one the previous one where Edwards Air did not make the first down, but he made up for it. This time with the run out to the thirty seven yard line.

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