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If you have a friend please call him the citizen we're letting this again and again and again that is fucking dave and i knew they hate it so please call the lease reinforce it yeah going into this game they were down three goals but they were you know they were home and field goals by liverpool just dominated obviously most law when the lead culprits and that yeah but the first half like really felt like man city was like are they going to do it are they are they going to do it and you know i like is the same as the first half against manchester united over the weekend which will get you later it was like how they're just purely dominant like sixty something percent possession like katy b front three of sante jesus j seuss j jesus take the wheel he did in the opening two minutes though gabriel jay's use with the opening goal and that's what i was like they going to do it are they are we doing this i thought they were gonna do it i actually kev i was like i think they're going to do it because i mean in the opening couple minutes baby jay scores of beautiful goal said they had possession they had dominance for the entire first half and a couple shots hit off the post bernardo silva is a sick nasty human who god awesome i'm a fan of him i'd like to have him on my team he's one of the i think to manchester city players that i actually enjoy watching clay i mean i like i like okay okay you like.

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