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His failure to stand up to Vladimir Putin for Russia's meddling in the US election Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial. Today, he later tweeted, he had great confidence in his intelligence people, but that did nothing to blunt bipartisan criticism of his performance. At the Helsinki summit CBS's major Garrett Mr. Trump even appear taken with Putin suggestion, one rife with potential security pitfalls that Russia's intelligence services could assist the special counsel Russia probe. He offered to have the people working on the case, come and work with their investigators with respect to the twelve people. I think that's an incredible offer in exchange Putin said the US could help apprehend Americans wanted by Russian authorities such a quid pro quo would elevate Russia from adversary to cyber ally. A startling turn that drew bipartisan, rebuke in Washington, no word on who will attend. But the White House says, Mr. Trump will meet with members of congress tomorrow afternoon. Demonstrations continue in Chicago over the police shooting of a black man over the weekend though police video shows Thirty-seven-year-old Horita Augusta's was carrying a concealed weapon protesters are not. Convinced that the use, of deadly force was justified WBZ BM's Nancy, hardy there is a large group that is not a swayed. By the fact that the police are release that bodycam video they say that it, is lacking audio they believe that it might have been edited because then you would know at. What point Mr. Augustus was shot they say that the, police would never released this video so quickly if it hadn't made. Them look good and the century they're not buying it police in New York City say they're ready to begin hearings against officers involved in the chokehold death of Eric garner WCBS TV's. Dana Tyler has more in a, letter to the, Justice department NYPD attorney Lawrence fern. Says the department did not, move ahead with disciplinary proceedings because it did not want To impact the, federal investigation of a case now the NYPD is. Giving the Justice department until August thirty first to announce whether it will file civil rights charges if no decision is announced the NYPD will move forward no clear. Direction on. Wall Street today the Dow rose forty five points while NASDAQ dropped twenty this is CBS news Are you hiring, with indeed you can post a.

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