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The nfl playing in various positions along the offense of line and last night again we saw turnstiles at the left tackle positions and with aired flour our our and greg robinson in it's not just those two teams that just happened to be monday night football worlds magnify but it's across the league when you watch old line play in this day and age in you just retired just a couple of years ago or last year as a matter of fact how do you explain what we're seeing right now in the nfl well if iggy you blame caused but often to i don't think that's the entire story um you know i used to be a guy who just being my fist on the table say college burn off into the reason why but your colleges their job is what football games determined that ryan expert off at the proper way to do that then i have no problem with that if bill promised get to nfl along guys just don't have the technique foundation and attitude of finishing that you can get in pro style offenses and the nfl and there's west practice time in office to monitor position i would argue that needs to boast practice at least the most practice in in had where we compared in in utah technique and learn you want the game and we don't have any more so we give them your situation where you'd graf guys was really high upside air quiros greg roberts i mean greg robinson was probably the last dominating left ankle in college football i mean his film in college was ridiculous but he would pass that the college you could nothing that trim goes to the nfl and that all we're authors and we have to start evaluating called off in quantum differently we you know people that would do this for living in front offices need to start looking at guys it might have less upside but are ready to play now taylor decker rony stanley you going to ryan.

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