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Were gonna do. And they're doing the same thing today on our junior is a really impressive freshman, but that time Romeo faked the hand off Indian has been run a lot of dribble. Handoff a little fake that time drive to the basket. Got a little bit of daylight gonna hoop. I file out Harper in this ball game. Is Rubio's free throw is good. And he's got his third white. And you'll have a second attempt coming your mortgage to check in race Trump's at a garage Davis. Sit down Justin Smith aboard and come in. And the crowd goes both those guys are fake hair. Pretty active crowd today for no students being here. Really good. Zack Roberts getting set to check in as Romeo. Fires up the second toss. And he probably has got his fourth one of the ball games. Zach Roberts will give Lankford restless. Well as Archie continues to lose a lot of venture early today. Everybody wanted to get a piece of this action here across the timeline comes breaker GIO Baker gives left side of Montas Matthew succumbs outside with a pastor. Johnson. Johnson the Harper Harper cut off looking right throws it left to olma ROY. He gets download a Baker on the left side and Baker gives to me. We'll try to work his way at against Al d'oro. That's a mismatch inside. Here's a little job book and Marie stores. They break the tide a little bit for Rutgers. There is it's twenty seven to thirteen now Indiana outside Al Durham, Zach Roberts mcroberts takes it with the dribble to the left and back right with a past the Justin Smith right back this driving. It left is Justin to give to the green. And tried to throw it inside. That was a bad pass and Jawad could come up with it. Here's mathis. The other way throws it up and Mr.. Got the rebound. But we got a foul down low against I you oughta appears good also buys academic Roberts getting back defensively. Rutgers had numbers two on one versus Nick Roberts. But he did a nice job contesting that layups four scheme. The scarlet knights to miss that one. But I agree as Google pushing the back by Justice myth as he was hustling back. I bet in Bamako from Baker gets it into all me now hands it off. The Baker Baker gives it back outside the Johnson miles Johnson a given go to Harper inside. And he tries to force it up does and scores. The basket there's another foul called Justice madness may have picked up his second. Zach beat on a back cut there by Ron Harper junior. Harper juniors not only a three point shooter. He's got a big body. And that was a nice back is able to no one power dribble underneath ram and finish. On the other side for the one. That's a big time. Play here for Rutgers ruckus is not gonna just go away on there to keep fighting here in Indiana has got to be. Prepared to play a full forty minutes. Absolutely. Here is the free throw by Harper and missed in the rebound comes the mortar. John it up. The devante Greenhill. Bring it up the floor. Devante gets it across the timeline. Green. Looks left matches it off to Al Durham Durham holds against Mathis gets a screen works to the right clears it off the devante great. He brings it back to the left. He pulls up. Throws it out the Juwan. Now, we got a whistle away from the basketball and this fouls called against Rutgers. Let's Seon hoop and they nail you Gino Marui with his first again. Geron Davis trying to roll to the basket tell you what it is physical in this league. Especially inside the paint a lot of body contacts. A lot of pushing and shoving that time. Doron Davis draws the foul as he's rolling to the rim, and he'll go to the line for a one on one with two points to his credit and now three. The Ron Davis getting better at the free throw line. He's sixty percent of the season. He was well under that early on. And of course, there was so much time. But he best because of his injuries and the second one is on its way. Good. And I'm sure during that injury problem Matic area, he was workout his free gross. And he makes them both this time at twenty nine fifteen. I you here's Baker outside of miles. Johnson Johnson one dribble batches to heartburn given go and he throws it up on the left hand missed it got his own rebound. Put it in harbor gets his sex point of the ballgame. Twenty nine seventeen. Indiana still on top significantly. Here's devante he'll fire up a twelve footer at goes way off the back of the backboard. But there was a foul called. Has been so good as Indiana's warm these last three games devante along with Ron Davis. Coming off the bench is really provided that offensive Barker energy off the bench, brandy, Indiana..

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