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The score Mark Willard for Papa and land. Just hearing that voice like you guys have got books Sham Be now every day. That's um that's that's a thing. That's the thing. Isn't that Yeah, it really is. And Len KASPER went to Cubs radio. We have Jason Benetti or Sarah. He went to White Sox radio. We have Jason Benetti doing White Sox TV with Steve Stone, which might be the best broadcast in baseball. And then book and Jim D Shades, sometimes with Rick Sutcliffe. Sometimes, Ryan Sandberg and boot is just so great. He's never He hasn't done local in a long time. So now he's living and dying every day, with the Cubs, mostly dying, mostly dying, which we'll get to in a second Matt Spiegel, who at one point this morning the listeners will be very this is behind the curtain at one point this morning. Was scheduled to join us at 11 am but was bumped for the great Shadwick Trump, which when I sent you, you're like who my bump for him like Chadwick Trump. You said. That's an incredible baseball name. Not sure it's as good as the new Cardinal Lars Newt Bar. Please discuss Chadwick Trump or large Newt Bar. What is the better name? Well, I think Chadwick Trump. It doesn't really pretend to be anything else but that name Lars. Newt Bar is confusing. I feel like I feel like I feel like Lars Newt Bar is a candy name Gone arrived like when I say large new bar. I'm actually supposed to be saying Mars Nut bar, and I'm messing it up. You know what I mean? But does yeah, it sounds like there's newgate in it like I'm imagining what large nude bar would be, and I feel like it's Chewy. It's chewy, You know, like a little salty, sweet deliciousness. Yeah, that that makes all the sense in the world. But it reminds me of like boof sponsors. You guys had boots sponsor. Um, shoot E. Babbitt shooting battle for the favorite of mine from from long ago. You know, I mean, It's baseball. It's just an endless supply of names, some of which are ridiculous. Well, trump Chadwick Trump. I know as a catcher I did proposed in the fifth for Cubs Giants game and he was up because you didn't call up the other catcher who is a stud at Triple A. That's what we want for. Kris Bryant, Johnny. Okay, Joey Barton is who you're talking about. All right, so mom More on that in a second, because there was actually a development that came out of the Chadwick trump conversation. Uh, okay,.

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