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At you cannot joined by co-hosts, Josh outs and air inside. Hello, ladies, interment, boys and girls. Welcome to inside radio. Mac. Daddy. Toy to buy Erin side and Joshua outs. Miami Dolphins enter their by week with a record of five and five straight up five hundred meet as mediocre as you can possibly be Miami. Dolphins looking to come back strong when they take on the Indianapolis Colts on November twenty fifth and they will look to get their season back on track as they make a push for the playoffs for the twenty eighteen season. The odds are stacked against them what they have going for them as a weak AFC nine and seven may get them in the playoffs. Ten in six most likely, but the dolphins are very far from that out. And we all watched a game versus the Packers. So we're just going to touch on this game. Very. Fast. We're not going to spend much time on it. We're going to do something a little more fun during this by weekend and made up a game earlier that he was throwing by us. And and so, you know, I wanna play a game with you too. And he goes I wanna play with you guys tonight at Finsider radio. I'll Oh, my. my. He did not say that. Our? I mean, you guys get completely the wrong way just shows where your mind is. But. Ninety nine percent of our audience. Literally thought the same thing we did. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. They'll have to tell us on Twitter or on the fin Finsider.

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