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No, I've never done my candy. You have did it back in the day, But what happens is what happens everywhere. What is your car? Yeah, I didn't know this was like a common occurrence. There is a now the new palms have a thing that gives on the top. So you pull it off the top, So it's only like $100. You got to pay the Gas company on gas station, but they pull away in the old days. They used to pull off and gas would come out. But now they know people are stupid. So they put those up there and it breaks away at the top. And then you just replace that part when you pull the hose and the cord be honest, I love how Kenny knows all this. Well, he heard everybody honking their horns. Enemy says, Well, people know who I am The best part. When you're driving down the street, and you hear something behind your rest, scraping it then he was like, is that me? And he looked how you see this holds flapping all boy. Very reality kicks in. Don't say that is that a gas holes sticking out of your car? You just happy to see me. Meanwhile, a British man who told authorities that he wanted to work in the U. S. Was stopped after swimming across the river between Michigan and Canada. This, according to police, the 47 year old man, whose name wasn't released, told first responders that he didn't need help as he swam the ST Clair River near the Blue Water Bridge this a couple of weeks ago, the London man was picked up after he touched shore import here on after medical check. He was returned. To Canada. It's ironic, isn't it? Mitch? We can't find anybody to work. This guy swims across the river. We send them back. Yeah, you could ask if he has any brothers. How about a little something for the effort? Yeah, I swim a river, you Chicago Police department. Oh, they've got issues do they? Not in the great city of Chicago. The Chicago Police Department have launched an investigation after a video has emerged purportedly showing three women twerking on top of one of its cruisers. Oh, yeah, I've seen the video. It is something I'm sure the great city of Chicago is not proud of, and certainly with everything going on in that city, the very last thing they needed. Meanwhile, after the Covid 19 pandemic shut down last year's bike ride the annual Philly Naked Bike ride is back. Oh, yeah, yes. With only one dress code requirement. You must wear a mask killing where? Everything elsewhere in the breeze. But where a mask Um Mitchell the Why Ride a bike naked for 10? Miles? You might be asking yourself. Oh. Oh, yes. Ask him. Why not at all the time. The event aims to promote positive body images and love for cycling, yours truly taking the Liberty, Uh, making a top five list of things not to do Well, naked. Number five. Play Twister number four Do jumping Jacks of any sort. Number three. Bungee jumping number two is rather obvious. I think Play leapfrog and number one. Let's just be honest. Ride a bike really killing me. There's so many bikes with banana sees Uh, I suppose for this occasion they were there. Yeah, really? I don't know what seat would be out of bananas scenario? Sometimes the bananas just a banana. Hey, Mitch, did you know that Bill Gates is the largest private farmland owner of the United States? According to NBC, Uh he land that he owns in Washington state. This guy is absolutely Bryant. Uh, the land he owns in Washington State is used to grow potatoes that make McDonald's fries. Oh, wow. There's a 270,000 acres It's and we know the well. Do we know the divorce and who's getting what? What? But, you know, I find it rather ironic. And maybe you're thinking the same thing. It's because you know, brilliance. Things are like, you know, he made his fortune with bites. Computer and French fries. Uh, everything in that. I never thought that is some good old fashioned computer humor. Another exciting edition. Out here. Cat Agdam around?.

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