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So depending on how crazy you wanna go with the configuration, it can be hard to look at two pieces of h from two different projects and tell their even using the same us framework, which is nice in terms of how much power and control you have, but a bit of a curse in terms of there being a lot of consistence. Crossover, I guess truth behind it all is consistent with Jimmy Johnson. Yeah. So tell one is like a CSS framework, but it's also like a CSS framework generator and like a meta with how are these confict files? Are they? Are they massive, you know, like in the sort of the beauty of it as you can do it and Java script so that you have like kind of extreme control, right? Like you're saying, if you really did want, like I know there's a color package PM that can generate do all kinds of fancy color stuff. Now you have that at your fingertips here and which is kinda neat. Yeah, so so the default configuration file is big. It's nine hundred and fifty two lines, which sounds intimidating. But when you actually look at it, it's mostly is at boilerplate. The point of that is to give you. It's like when used to give somebody a Jake where he plug in with like every single option. It's just so you know what they're totally. Yeah, I'll I'll send link you in the chat here in case you wanna look at it and people listening and maybe take a peek in there. Show notes, whatever. If we get too deep into it and they wanna follow along, but it just fired Jeff linked the defaults configuration file and you can kind of see it's broken up into a bunch of different sections based on what you're customizing. Right? Like you can specify what you're responsive to most people. Yeah, it's a bunch of colors. It's a bunch of break points. It's a bunch of fun stacks like there's nothing in here. That's intimidating only and is to kind of approach is right. You could either generate this file from like our CLI tool, and then just go in there, customize customizes much as you want or you can actually just create your own file from scratch where you import our default configuration because it's just pull them mpm. Right? So you can just like require Tennessee SSD fall configure, comes in as an object, and then you can override the parts that you want our merge in the different stuff that you want. So if there's defaults that you like or defaults where if they change, you want to get the updates and you don't want to just completely blow them out. You can sort of extend the default configuration dynamically. Instead of just replacing it to? Yeah, that's probably what I would do that seem safe. So there is a so you get configure just the way you want it and then you run it and and what you you are going to get. You know, hundreds of kilobytes of CSS though still, right? That's kind of this is pending on, got to configure. It can be megabytes of CSS or via hundreds of kilobytes I because like we not only generate all these classes like BG read or BG blue or whatever. There's variance to. So like if you only wanna change the background color on hover, he would generate versions of all those classes to have a hover in prefixed. So that in your HTML you can say, well, this should be read. So it's BG read. But on hover, I wanted to be BG red dark. So I just BG read space. Hover colon BG red dark space, focus, colon, BG, blue or active. All these different variants can exist. You have control over which ones are generated, but if you want to generate all them for. Every kind of CSS module that we haven't here all these different types of utilities, and it can be really wild in size. So yeah, which maybe leads into another interesting conversation. Show show is brought to you by the widely beloved digital ocean. So here's the URL I'm gonna send you to my favorite. You are on the world DO dot CO slash talk, of course, it is. That's a hundred bucks a free credit. If you go to that, you are else you might as well do that. If you're playing around on, check it up, spin, some stuff up..

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