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Would not be more clear Democrats produce Bob's Republicans produce jobs. Pretty good messaging right there from President Trump at his rally last night. I what was he in Montana? I think it was and yeah that that's a winning message right there. And it's a twofer. Right. It it tells you who the Democrats are also tells you something about what the Republicans have been able to achieve how about you. Is it time to start scaring people start time to showing them pictures of of Maxine Waters, holding a gap will as the new chairwoman of financial services. That's what we're going to get. How about this? This joker Joaquin Castro who floats conspiracy theory about a about Jared Kushner, aiding in the alleged murder of this columnist from the Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi. Hey, he's a rising star. He could run for president really is that what we want for the next two years. You realize how bad things could get. What would you be doing? If you were advising Republicans right now in the final days of this campaign. Eight seven seven three one three eight one one Larry O'Connor. Here sitting in for the great one Mark Levin, by the way, we have a breaking story here out of the Associated Press. The Saudi state run news agency is now reporting that prosecutors are saying that Jamal Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in a fight. There was a fight in the Saudi consulate in Turkey where this allegedly took place joke. Jamal Khashoggi was killed. This is according to the Saudi state run news agency. So take it for what it is worth. That's a heck of a fight. That's if if if if the reporting up until now has been accurate, it was what eighteen to one and. Where's his body, by the way, what kind of? We will. We will see how that story develops. But it's all everything that is in the news right now. Has to do with the midterm elections. We're going to talk about this crisis at our border coming up in a bid, I actually interviewed a a democrat Senator from Maryland Ben carton about this issue. And I'm gonna play some of that interview you for you because you have to hear how Democrats are talking about this thing. They will not answer questions. It's a very simple question. Okay. You want to be a Senator you wanna be a congressman? You are currently and you're running for reelection. Here's my question. What do you do with these thousands and thousands of people from foreign nations storming our border demanding entry? Well, we need to do better economic development in those countries. So that they have better conditions, and they don't know neither. Okay. Too late for the what do you do today? What do you do right now on our border? Well, we need increased border security is what we oh. You mean a wall? No, no, no, no, no, no. We don't wanna wall, but we need increased border security. So that we can deal with the okay? So you want to spend billions of dollars on more border control. What are they going to do because your policies up until now is somebody crosses our border and says I want asylum then. Yeah. Hanauma slip of paper. That says, okay. We'll see in a couple of months for your hearing have at it. Do we still do or do you turn them around and send them home? Do you not let them in do you arrest them for breaking our laws? Do you detain them at the border? And if you do do you keep them as a family unit while they're detained what they don't want to all they wanna do is criticize all they want to do is throw slogans around. But no one's willing to step up and say, the very real truth of what we need to do build a wall. Protect our border enforce our laws as they are written. And stop with this idea that there is a right to migrate to our country. Because there isn't. Let's go to Keith in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Keith you're next up on the Mark Levin show. Hi, I was wondering what you thought about Trump announcing to the department heads. He'd like them to cut five percent across the board. I wonder how much money that will say the US tax payer and why no one's talking about it. So you think Republicans should be touting that they should say look you keep us in power. We're going to help the president reduce the budget across the board. Oh, absolutely. And not only that is we should be eliminating multiple federal department. There's a lot of state departments. That are doing the same thing that these federal departments are doing every state has the department of education department of agriculture and the waste at the federal level isn't credible. And no one's talking about downsizing, the federal government, and reducing the cost to operate the federal government, and he announced that the other day and it's getting no play. And I'd just like to know why thanks Keith. Well is not getting a lot of play. Because of all the when in terms of the news coverage is because the news focuses on what they choose to focus about all of the great news in the economy with. Regard to jobs with regards a Wall Street with regard to prophets with regard to manufacturing. They're not paying any attention to that. Either key. Thank you for the call and the other beauty of what the president has done. Here is that he is bypassing congress. Congress can set the law. They can set their budget. They can appropriate funding, but the executive branch actually does do the spending. Right. They do the hiring. They do the actual operation of these federal agencies just because congress appropriates the money, it's not incumbent on the executive branch tax. We spend that money. Now. The problem is congress can't go back to their voters and say, hey, we've reduced the federal budget. We've reduced the federal deficit. We've reduced the size of the government because they haven't they haven't because they're terrified of a government shutdown. They're terrified that the handful of Democrats in the Senate that will halt the process and not let a budget or any appropriations go through unless they have their way. And they've decided in the leadership of the house and the Senate that it's better to keep things going. And it's been the president who has said I find find you say I'm going to spend that much guess what I'm not gonna and I want of my departments to figure out how to cut. However, we also need to see the president come through with those cuts. We need to see his departments actually deliver. That's yet to happen. How about Josh over in Meena, Wisconsin? Josh you're next up on the Mark Levin show. I'm Larry O'Connor. Larry. How are you? I'm good. I I'm concerned though. Because if the Democrats do get the majority in the house, this is going to be a rough two years, I have an idea as docking near St. caller. I said that a good idea that they should do is. They could show Detroit when it's rammed by businessman like Donald Trump say and Henry Ford in the strength that Detroit once had an what's democrat liberal takeover? And how it just falls into action in squalor and just show them side by side. Side, and then even better for my own state. I think they don't tell it enough. If you let politicians say you get Detroit if you let Republicans take over and have ideas, you get hawks Connie's dutiful jobs they were getting shots. And I wish they could tell that more and more more. And they don't. Yeah. And, you know, Josh, I'm glad you brought this up because I I love Wisconsin. And I think that your governor Scott Walker has done some great jobs, and it is incredible turnaround. What he's been able to achieve in that state. And of course, they all said that people would be fired and people would be starving in the streets. And no one will get an education, and it's been phenomenal. Yeah. We saw Wisconsin. I remember in Madison there will. Yes. Took on our capital, and we fought right Jordan and look at what we've been able to accomplish. That's right. Second half of the term of Donald Trump. If we fight the good fight and vote on November six it'll happen. Thank you. Josh. Thank you for the call. I appreciate it. Thanks for calling in to the Mark Levin show ya vividly remember those mobs taking over the capital occupying the capital of Madison during the early years of the Scott Walker governorship on that was back when I was working with Andrew Breitbart. Andrew Andrew got on a plane. The next day send us text message. I'm going to Madison in the winter in the southern California guy, the Andrew why are you going to Maddison look at what's going on there? Look at the mobs look at the riots look at the. Look Scott Walker needs US Republicans. Need us conservatives who are trying to bring sane rational governance to the state of Wisconsin need us. And he sure did go there, by the way, right next door to you there. Josh over in Michigan. This is a remarkable thing. You know, everywhere you go right now on cable news broadcast news all over the internet. Who do you hear about running for Senate this young upstart appealing good looking guy who's who's defying the odds and has a real chance to win? All you're hearing about is. This guy beta will Rourke bitter roof doesn't have a chance to win and Texas. Batur work is not going to win the Senate seat in Texas. And it's all made for television. We've seen this game before every two years every election. They tell us about the new rising star in Texas. Who's finally gonna take paint Texas blue, you know, when Hillary Clinton was deciding not to do any sort of pulling or appearances in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, she did appearance in Wisconsin. Or michigan? She was actually at that time contemplating spending more money in Texas because she was so sure she was going to win, Texas and Georgia and Arizona, and she while she wanted to to this was going to be a transformative election with Hillary Clinton and the remaking of the map we hear this all the time. But it's not true. And meanwhile, in Michigan, there's this guy John James last poll there showed him in single digits now this guy running against Debbie stabber. Now. I mean, he he's a former military. Dick combat in Iraq. This guy is African American. This guy is conservative. This guy is right on all the issues here. I wanna play a little bit of of him. Because because this tells you exactly how the media is so corrupt because all they care about. With beta Rourke, it has to do with two things it has to do with forcing this fake narrative that the Democrats are really Texas is moving blue Texas is going to be a democrat state, Texas is not the same Texas because the democratic demographic changes because because of all of the radical conservative policies that have hurt that state, which they haven't I mean, people are flocking to Texas people are flocking to Texas because of the economy there, it's one of the only states that persevered through the eight dismal years of Barack Obama because they had Republicans in charge of that state. There's no way the people of Texas would reverse that trend, but also because they hate Ted Cruz. The media hates Ted Cruz because he's so good, so smart and so conservative so they're there. Puffins? This beta will work guy up. And meanwhile, listen, I got a little bit John James this really impressive guy in Michigan. Real leadership is.

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