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Low. You move feel wall news very rare very rare to have a complete shoot natural. It's like Michael Jordan free throws I think it's exactly allegory. Mashing watermelons this one. What you're wearing more makeup to me today anyways. Yeah I know you should do good for you know what I mean you have to. I know answer the Bright Lights Camera. It's great it's not great. You know I'm looking now. You look fantastic now. No thank you very much for lying in. That is your job and I think it's fine not to wear makeup like you're not going to be like ooh hideous but you're not a natural beauty no one is I am in my mind. I am but that's a maria breed. I'm like one of those Al Bino soft cell soft. Shell Turtles we talk about. You know you do a lot to your look you do a lot you look try and try to try to keep up I keep trying to keep up appearances saying I try to keep up with the Joneses if you will Yes we watched that thing last night with the celebrities without makeup who are all blasted with makeup and now people's GonNa do a magazine issue of like stars during the coin seen sound like arson. They're not wearing makeup. They're all wearing a shift on a makeup and then today dude. I talked about this yesterday. I it's I think I can see in the future. I think I can honestly see into the fucking future now was it? Is that weird? Can we give me one of those balls? I put my hand on and like all the energy comes into it and I just make predictions all day. Fuck Man Look I feel like I'm Dionne Warwick I really do. I feel like I'm I'm the PSALMIST PSYCHIC. Who IS MISS? Cleo whatever her full name is I feel like I'm Mr Cleo. I wonder if that's taken Mr Cleo just go and black face and just duplicate which she did Mr Cleo and fake Jamaican accent. I can honestly see into the future. I've talked about this Joe Biden. -tary thing forever and I go look kids. This is gaining steam. Eventually he's going to have to answer for this and it wasn't getting a lot of press and then boom you knew it eventually was like crazy. I thought it was just going to die actually. Didn't know I thought like I said on the show yesterday. I didn't think this was going to pick up until the nomination came through and then like. Oh Hey October surprise. We're GONNA bust in with this lady and then really fucking drop the drawers on it. They didn't even wait so then. I wonder if Biden wanted to get ahead of it. You know. That's what it seemed like to me because there was no announcement of this it just said. Hey Biden's going to be on that that Mica and Joe Morning Show and that was kind of it where you're just like. Oh Shit all right cool man so I missed the live show. I watch it on the taped interview immediately afterwards because it was available on twitter and I was real surprised at how fast he's getting out there on this one. Shit what did I say yesterday like probably October today? May I do think there is too much heat on it? It's it's just interesting. Timing on all fronts For her I don't know how what the circumstances were of her coming out at this time I know with Blasi Ford. It was like she was talking to a therapist and she was like confronted. And you know what I mean right. Don't with her do real curious timing as well sure. Yeah Yeah. That's what I'm saying like someone was using it but I'm just wondering if she had the same if this Tara. Reid had the same situation where someone came to her and said hey we heard you have the story to you want to like I. Do you know what I mean. Or if she just decided out of the blue she's doing a lot of interviews and you're going to see her a lot more so I don't know here's what I said. What's when Cavanaugh was going through? I said look. You're setting dangerous precedent by having this woman who blasted Ford. We'll start with her first right. Yeah you're you're setting a dangerous precedent by having blassie Ford. Who doesn't even remember if it was him out of place. What forty seven years ago or whatever the fuck it was And then magically it's like. Oh no but we were there and it wasn't. The same party wasn't the same thing and wasn't she the address of the person the place none of it and then we got this believe all women and I was like man. This is going to come back to haunt people once. You set this precedent. Then everyone's going to have to go through this every year. Now follow every lead all the way to the end you have to use all resources this story grow and grow and grow and grow and the next one. The next one's going to be tear read herself doing an interview. She said yesterday that when we got off air ironically she was like you know I would like to tell my story in a big Public Forum. And they were like well. Who Do you want to talk to? And she was like I don't want to do. She said the only offer. She's had his Fox News and she goes. I don't WanNa do Fox News because I want to do something so super rights and I don't want to do something super left. I'd like to do an interview with someone down the middle and they. They asked her who she said. Gayle King from CBS. She felt that Gayle King could do a fair and honest interview. So you can expect that. That's coming real soon and I would imagine Biden then after yesterday's development was just like let me try to get out ahead of this problem with it is He did not give a great interview this morning. And be it's technology problems of zoom or the questions themselves that he just didn't have an answer for or didn't want to answer. You had a lot of long pauses and didn't have answers to her questions and to her credit because MSNBC's pretty left. She went all in. Mika went all in on this which is like. Here's the deal. Why shouldn't we believe this other woman? Not This woman Blah Blah Blah Blah. I mean every question. She could possibly ask And he seemed flustered and it was not a good look for Joe Biden this morning and I have a feeling if homegirl sits down. Tear read with Gayle King. The story is only going to continue to grow. Were in May now. I had a listener after yesterday's show right in with a very interesting theory I I don't want to say his name in case you know. He doesn't want to be out there politically or whatever his name but he said hey listen to the show yesterday big Fan. I love that you guys are going every single day truly made my quarantine Raymond. It was awesome and he goes. Have you ever thought that this was someone from the left whose dragons grow out in knots someone from the right because they hate Biden and I was like simply Bernie? Bro Could Be I don out her. We go through her timeline of allegation. Yes fired you have it? Yeah so I just find it interesting as the only thing that I you know 'cause with this it's like I don't fucking know and even at the very end even with Blasi Ford. You don't fuck in now you don't know because it got so convoluted and so political and so you know and I'm not a news believers meeting. What was it high school or College? So and how? It came out and PERV inconsistency seven years later. Yeah yeah no so on April third two thousand nineteen. Do you remember when all those people came out that were like by you. Know he basically is old school in that Hill. Do Hill touch you. He's very Hansie. Nothing that yes but lots of just unwanted physical contact and this was like me to not height but like definitely were still full on in it so it's like no matter what it is. He touched my hand too many at that time. That was like who shit now. We're like a little bit more skeptical but anyways during that time. When all of those people came out she told a local. California newspaper that by news to put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck. She didn't feel she was a victim of sexual sexualization instead comparing it to being treated like an inanimate objects like inanimate object lamp is what she said she did. Not Say hey. I know you guys are saying that he they like hug. You inappropriately this guy fucking like major sexual assault on me and this is what happened so that is not what she said she said He. I'm right with you. Girls like didn't like the way he like touch my neck right march. Twenty Fifth Twenty twenty in a podcast with Katie Helper. Okay read claimed Biden sexually assaulted her in ninety-three pressing up against the wall kissing her neck. Penetrating her Blah Blah Blah April nine twenty twenty read filed a police report April ninth. Twenty twenty twenty. She filed a police report in April with Washington. Dc police alleging the sexual assault that happened in Nineteen ninety-three April twelve twenty. Twenty read repeated the Assault Story to the New York Times and said she had reported the alleged incident to Marianne Baker the executive assistant of Biden and two top aides. All of these people say that she didn't so that's kind of where we are now Even her brother was like didn't hear anything about it. The neighbor that she said was someone that she told about said. She didn't so April twenty fourth. The clip of Larry King comes out the twenty seventh to more people. Come forward corroborating parts of her story. And we're on May First Joe Biden addresses but says that nothing happened so I thought maybe there was some kind of report in ninety three so apparently there is and this is where they asked Jill Biden about today and they said hey man. There is something in this and forgive me. I don't know much about well. I do but With Joe Biden. There's some Delaware Files that are with the states of the university and that allegedly this this report is in. Here's the three things that I have like. Kind of an issue with Why did the MOM call into Larry King in Nineteen ninety-three that one's a little look? That one's a little weird to me. There was two people who did corroborate her story that she had told this to in nineteen ninety-three they said. Yes The New York Times article on those those people at the end of its the New York Times piece. They said we can't conclude whether or not this actually happened or not all of it by the way for for both of these people blassie Ford and her. I find them both suspicious to be with you. But here's where we are once. You set that precedent with Cavanaugh. This is exactly what's going to happen. Not just to Biden to everyone coming down the line Republican and Democrat. Whoever you do and don't like let's say trump does get reelected right. Rpg goes down going to bring somebody up to replace her. That that official is going to go through the same amount of scrutiny as everyone else and they're going to try to dig up everything they possibly can in the past and who knows who is really behind all this shit and that is the problem when you have a movement called believe women started by the Democrats and you you WANNA move forward with it like if you go all in like that you have no choice but to leave yourself open to somebody like this and to be honest. I don't know that either of them fucking happens. I don't and but but here we are once you go all in on that your hatred for trump. Got You to this place now. The thing that I find fascinating though is I really don't know if this was set up by the left. Take a poll. Yesterday of who the most popular democratic politician was in the United States and it was fucking Cuomo the most popular democratic politician in the United States. Right now. Okay it's Andrew Cuomo. Would they probably like to have him running right now? Yes the Hillary thing look. We talked about it of her waiting in the wings and that is done man people do not like you cuomo right now would have a good would have a better shot at it. My opinion then Biden..

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