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We are listening in on a conversation between Kim mcnichols Nikos. You know, the senior director of strategic partnerships and strategy at Kaiser Permanente Nico has some unique perspectives on how innovation can change the landscape of modern healthcare. On it. Especially with this situation that you ended up having to kind of design your own solution. Is that a problem that you see out there in the community? Pretty much going rugby like what they think you want. But not coming to you insane. How can we design it to truly fit your needs? It's almost like they designed it. And design it to solve a problem. But it's not what is solve a problem because they're not coming to you and going. Okay. Well, how will this vintage at the bigger picture because there were billion apps that track your blood pressure and your steps and everything else? But the fact that there was not one thing out there that was able to be a hundred percent fit to you. When you had to go out and design it yourself. There's a problem out there. There's some sort of a disconnect. What do you wish that entrepreneurs Neil? So that they could better find or create solutions to truly solve your problem. So you don't have to go and create your own. Yeah. I think. Yeah. Of course, it is. But I mean, it's also great to buy something that you know, it's gonna work, right? I think, you know, the next act spoke to this actually. Mri at at debater events. Bambi is are you in LA Kaiser's line inside? And what I would tell, you know, many startups is that doctors have been trained for, you know, for you know, they're going to school for a long time. Right. And then they get you know, if they come to Kaiser, permanent, they didn't they're trying to get on how we take care of patients. Right. And so they're they're very practice in how they've been doing how they take TRICARE. So for an entrepreneur right to to have this great idea in the start and say, I'm gonna fix this problem for your doctor. You know, it it just it's not enough. Right. It can't just be this. I had this great idea, and it's going to change healthcare because you'd have to come in knowing one the doctor is going to be resistant, and how's it going to help me to is to your point? Is he gonna really fit into the workflow and make them? Do another click that will do something for them. How do you know that that will happen, right? Have you done the design you understand it regular regulatory requirements are going into it? May have had experience in that. I'm not saying all of, you know, do Kodama spent a lot of them have this experience in the highest people that know some of the stuff, but they still haven't done they've done the usability and what they used my life. But they haven't done the design thinking of how it's gonna a workflow or change it operationally within healthcare. And that's where most of the time and the bigger one is scale can these startups release scale for an organization our size? So those are the three areas that really I would like them to be really more tuned into to be able to help us as as going to in ends up being long turn to to get pizza. Adopt you and then the longer one is to stay away. Stay true to themselves and not be. You know, forced to customization by because we tend to do that. And then and then be able to scale for us in the end being you know, they we did it on the long haul. So that's a long winded answer against I'm answering your question. I just had a conversation with a nurse today. I wanna bring on to had all patient engagement for social media. And you're the one thing we were talking about is just that there are so many different products out there in every obeys designing something that the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make is they think that there's a one size fits all solution. And with the direction that we're going in healthcare, we're going to more personalized healthcare where facilities especially Kaiser, are realizing it's not a one stop shop that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. And that's why having someone like you within an organization and having partners you can work with versus saying, hey, here's my solution in box them coming. She was something that's a daft able to your needs to your ability. To integrate. Is is more critical. That makes sense absolute. No, you're spot on. Yeah. And I think that that really that that changes the conversation. You know, they're willing to listen and say, you know, and and then come forward with like, here's how I think I might be able to help you based on. What would that is? Right. And so you're right. It's not a one-size-fits-all because could be something. It'd be meaningful to changing a department or a region, which is still valuable doesn't have to solve every part of KP to be a good thing. And you know, sunny innovation in healthcare. Can be a small change incrementally. But at.

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