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I hope they both resolve the differences and respect each other emoji or the u. K. flag and the boxing glove has had respect. I say were us and obviously the he quotes tweeted to a._j.'s. You know untold truth. That's all over. The internet right for calling lewis a clown. He's is getting headlines but this is what he should have done. I mean you got a response to these dudes so lewis questioned joshua's trainer robert mccracken improperly prompting being the recently defeated heavyweight to call him a clown so that was another thing. He say need to get rid of his trainer. He called his trainer. <hes> basically called the training elementary in that he needed a high school to college trading needed a professor in helping them <hes> but here's lewis lennox lewis hoover spicer disappointed in a._j.'s words but i understand that this jealousy narrative was only fabricated after criticized them for wilder negotiations nations all of a sudden. I'm a hater acts who benefits from such a simple minded narrative not a._j. Not me there you go and you know obviously. The author puts pictures of a._j. And lennox when they were all happy and ruis. Let's see ruiz posted here so joshua lost the i b f <hes> he has a chance to gain regain those bells december seven from the rematch in saudi arabia. If it actually kicks off release stirred the pot by replying to switch to a twitter post accident who would win in a dream match-up joshua and louis.

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