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Yeah for sure so cool well we went long this one political complete what ical rants and hopefully the people who write me or the comments just just stick to stop always do that but you know we're not going to read my hate review oh you want me to read my hate review all right i will read the jacker fee review and to be fair we get plenty of these for all of us but we mostly get positive reviews if you want to combat that and write a five star positive review we greatly appreciate it on apple podcasts so yeah this is the latest all right miss from audio philly it's funny we we get so many positive reviews and we never read them on air so we're giving attention to the guy who doesn't like us so there's this character called jack and jack in quotes quote unquote jack who believes himself to be the wonderful counselor the mighty man the everlasting powell myth sounds accurate the prince of letes he cracks me up really with his overblown sense of self righteousness and natural superiority sometimes he somehow ropes actual human beings into talking to him what the guest beer guide if the guest is of interest than listen to this try to miss the opening yarmur from jack and his lackey ian ian alone would probably be okay unfortunately jack is i'm the present while as befits superior being i don't know what kind of accent he's putting on but it's highly known northeastern if the owners manage.

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