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Hit me up on all social media at Willie joy or at back to back pod. Some of your questions your comments your concerns? Let me know what you're up to how you doing send me some new music, and I love talking to everybody out there. So for this conversation with ghastly. Like, I said the beginning we've been trying to set this up for forever. And finally, we both had a little time off right before the new year. I went over to his place in LA. I was stoked for that. I'd actually never been over to his place before and if you know anything about ghastly, you might know that he's pretty well known for owning some big snakes. Owning some weird reptiles. I went over found a giant snake in his bathroom fed a worm to his Geico you'll hear me kind of joking about it at the start. And we were just off to the races man face from the time. I hit record even before I hit record. We were laughing joking easy conversation all over the map. He's such an entertaining guy. And he just has the craziest story from growing up on a farm being homeless living out of a van for a while sort of burning out of the music industry has first time around making a second attempt. Coming back, strong and building on everything he learned into the ghastly project, as we know it now, it's an impressive story through it. All he's kind of been able to maintain this super positive attitude, and you'll hear me asking him all about that. I'm always curious about how his brain works. And after this. I think you'll have a better idea of how it works too. I mean from super super serious to, you know, just really ridiculous. Yeah. This was a fun one. And like I said before ghastly just dropped a new track with G Rex called heretic. It's off of an upcoming EP that he's putting together the link to where you can go get all of his tour dates all of his music, all of that is in the description of this episode last thing before I start this conversation off if you get to the end of this episode, and you like what you heard if you're enjoying this show. I get asked the question a lot. How can I support this? How can I help out? And I'm here to let you know, the best way you can support this show is. Just by telling a friend about back to back. We're community based show. I don't really pay for advertising. So the way this show grows is really word of mouth and every time we do grow. That means we get more resources to make the show better for all of you. We can get better guests bigger names everybody you wanna hear from. So if you want to support me just Tele friend that, you know, loves music about this show or you could put up a post about us. Let people know you're enjoying the show. You re tweet something that I put up whatever you wanna do. It does all help. I do see everyone's post. It makes me super stoked super excited to start working on the next week's episode. I'm always thankful for the support out there. So with that being said, it's time to get into today's episode. I hope everybody's ready. This one is a wild ride. This is me and ghastly backed back Lesko..

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