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Amc carla hair as vicechairman managing director and senior client adviser morgan stanley i learned probably midway through that it was important that you make the ass and there are ways that you can ask a round pay you can say things like what would it take for me to get at the top end because it's my desire to be at the top my field i got the courage to go and have that conversation and sometimes is just as simple as having that conversation that will hold you in good stead this is secrets of wealthy women from the wall street journal helping women empower themselves financially now veronica dagger carla harris is vicechairman managing director and senior klein adviser at morgan stanley in august two thousand thirteen carlos appointed by president obama to chair the national women's business council she's a harvard grad author of several books including expect to win and a gospel singer when you were in your twenty is aurthorities did you expect to be where you are to they financially and professionally i certainly expected to succeed both financially and professionally because i had by that point made the decision to become an investment banker and always had expectations of being successful no matter what i did didn't realize that i would have done all the things that i've done it throughout my career and ultimately to become a vicechairman because frankly vicechairman titles didn't exist on wall street at that time so it wasn't even something to aspire to the thing to aspire to was being a managing director at a major wall street firm interesting where did you get that expectation of yourself i will have to give their credit to my parents they always made me feel that i was supposed to do well.

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