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11 51 on the clock. Cincinnati leads a 28 to 13, 1st and 10 from the 22 ball on the right hash. Ritter ready for the shotgun snap fakes a handoff throws. It is caught by Alec Pierce. And he is very close to the first down marker he has tackled. Right at the line. The game looks like a 10 yard pickup for piers. They gave it to him. He did a great job of extending the ball. And wonderful job, thereby Desmond Ritter. That's a long throw right hatch over to the left sideline. Nice job. First in 10, Cincinnati. Pat's having at their own 32. Lock running 11 25 left. You could bet the bear cats are going to let the play clock running inside of 10. Before every snap is long as they have Ah, To score league play clock down to five. Ritter's ready for the shotgun snap catches the ball. Hands it off to Jerome Ford Ford fighting twisting loses the ball s m u falls on it. That's how you can lose this game. My goodness, can't give the ball away like that. Second fumble of the game for Cincinnati, won by Doakes. Now one by Jerome Ford and S M U comes away with a football love to see a guy give second effort. But Ford was fight for yard is there in that ball is stripped. Man killer. Brandon Stevens with the recovery. And that ball was out. We're having a replace ball.

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